Saturday, 28 February 2009

Sunday, 15 February 2009

My Cherry Idea

I have a new design called "Cherry"
I think you should all know what a Cherry is and its my best design i have ever made!I will start selling them in my Prity In Pink room!I have bought some Cherry things to go with it and when i get money i will be selling them very soon!
I will be selling them over the price first but then if they sell once evey week i have a 50% sale with the prices cut!

To get money i have something on sale i dont need at 2 sds since they cant be 1 stardollar!
And if they go will i will make a club about it called Cherri_Lovers!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

What do u get up 2 2000 starpoints?

100 points-The start seed for your tree a table and a chair and a FREE picture

200 points-A dog picture and a picture frame.A red carpet and a FREE hairstyle

300 points-A blue,red,yellow and a green clock

400 points-A black clock and a black flower decoration.A FREE wardrobe and FREE hairstyle

500 points-A mouse coming out a hole,A watering can and a flower pillow and a FREE fairy

600 points-A bed and a water fall.A FREE Shell and hairstyle

700 points-A patio door and a cloud.A window and a FREE green fairy

800 points-Bubbles and love hearts,Collard dots and a FREE hair style

900 points-A window a rainbow and a sun and a FREE hair style

1000 points-A back ground seting and a FREE blue fairy

1250 points-Stars and a FREE hair style

1500 points-Moving Butterflys

1750 points-A window and a FREE hair style

2000 points-A background setting and a FREE hair style

And thats all i have for now!When i get 266 starpoints ill tell you the next thing!