Thursday, 31 December 2009

Last Picture of 2009 !

Hello Everyone , Happy New year ( if it is in your country yet x ) . This is the 505 post ! WOHO ! And also the Last post of 2009 , below I have made a Picture with my Closest friend's , and also my Last graphic of 2009 !
Hope you all have a good time and enjoy 2010 !


Hello Everyone one ! It Nicole hear , just wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR !
I look forward to More Post's , Followers and even new Writer's !
Hope you have a GREAT Time !
Love , Nicole and Kylan x

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Free Decade of the Teens shirt ((:

Click here to get shirt..then once your there go to the LEFT box and write something in. You can do the right but the right wont give you the shirt only the LEFT will.

I have to say for a Free item this shirt is cute..and I love it!
Xoxo ..Wonderland..


I Made up a Non Superstar Bag Catalogue, I just remembered half way thought it,that superstars can only use 5 stardollars a day,but It's still got for superstars to,SO,WHAT DO YOU THINK ? Nicole x

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Old dresses are now NEW!!

Hello Everyone ! Stardoll , has brought back RARE dresses ! Oh my I love the Faith Hill dress!! Now Stardoll brought it back! My lord..ahahaa! Stardoll also brought back the Beyonce dresses!! Wahooo!!! As you can tell I am pumped ((: But wait! Oh so the jokes on me..they are expensive and now still Super-star! Darn it! Well what ever!


FOBrox has not been on for 6 what!?!?

UPDATE:: FOBROX is the wrong name!! The first O is supposed to be a ZERO

I was just reading The Stardoll Insiders, and the TSI team found this very interesting mistake by Stardoll, of course, it was that FOBrox won the Stardoll Design Competition..and she has not been online for 6 months!! Wait 6 months, so wait the Competition has not even been going on for more than a month and 1-2 weeks. How could this be? What will Stardoll do next? My answer is below. Stardoll will do...NOTHING!! Haha well, that is what they usually do!

*Picture COPIED off The Stardoll Insiders. Credit goes to them!!*


44nicole44 's UPDATE ! -
She could have made the design , and Just not visited her suit in 6 month's ? Because I will have been on for a while , and it still says last seen 1 day ago ? Nicole x

January Hot Buys ((:

These are the January Hot Buys! They are cute..except the octopus ring. Truly even if it was a bug..I would not wear an insect, bird, or any type of animal on my finger! But Stardoll is virtual, so maybe. Yeah but, the bag, my favorite, is just amazing!! So, there are your January Hot Buys!! Gotta love them I know I do!

Picture-Of-The-Day ((:

Hi guys and gals!! Alright so I have come up with a Picture-Of-The-Day thingy. So every Tuesdays and Thursdays I will post a picture ((: Today's picture is of a.. Cat with a melon on its head!!

Xoxo ..Wonderland..

Monday, 28 December 2009

Free Moxie Skirt!!

You can use a proxy surver UNLESS YOUR FROM US then you don't need one! I found that out today. ((:

Then just copy and paste this link below -


Hey Everyone ! Their is a new store ! DECADE of the TEENS ! The creation's are quite WILD ! I have made one with one of their dresses Below , I call it the WINTER Princess ! x What do you think of the New Store and their creation's ? Nicole x

Sunday, 27 December 2009

How was your Christmas??

How was your Christmas?? Mine was amazing! I mean I got so..many things! How many things did you get? Here is what I got..

3 flat irons, a wii fit, Aeropostale bag, 4 Aeropostale sweat shirts, 2 pairs of Aeropostale sweat pants, a football, wii resort, wii active, a new desk, a brush, paint set, paint holders, 150dollars, 100 dollars in Mall gift cards, a Victoria Secrets gift card, Fish bowl, fish trees, fish rocks, and of course FISH, Zingo, Twister, fudge, clothes, chocolate, skittles, bird making thingy, stuff in my stocking, a pair of skinny jeans, paper, chalk board thingy, and picture frame sticky things, and much more!!

Another glitch for mee )):

Xx Oh my god! I am so excited!! Today I reached 2000 Star-points, and Stardoll did not even tell me on the little message thingy! So I had to go to it and actually look to see if I had made it to 2000 yet or what not. I did! I am so excited as you can tell!! Ha ha ha! But Stardoll gives me so..many glitches I can't stand it! But Stardoll is addicting ha ha ha!! xX
Xoxo ♥ ..Wonderland.. ♥

My Stardoll <3

Ugh! Stardoll problems! AGAIN!!

Xx I was just on Stardoll, and you'd think Stardoll would have changes after Christmas. You know for the New Year! Well guess what?! Frack No! They changed nothing; not even a single clothing line has been added!! I was pretty upset. I mean I buy Superstar codes every month or every other couple months, and what does Stardoll give us in return? A crappy club called Stardoll Royalty (ONLY FOR SUPERSTARS) and guess what you NOW have to be Superstar to even have it!! That gets me ticked off!! So if you have any Stardoll says "Just ask us!", "we will be happy to help." Oh yeah sure Stardoll! You helped me when I was stinkin' HACKED! Yeah i was hacked by DKNY_CLOTHES..that used to be my account untill that and 3 others accounts were stolen. I guess that's my own fault..because I put them all under the SAME email..and SAME password. Never DO THAT!! I made my mistake plenty of times. ((: Well have an awesome day! I will talk to you all later! xX
Xoxo ♥ ..Wonderland.. ♥

Friday, 25 December 2009

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas...Feliz Navidad!!!

Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! I can not wait till tomorrow ((: I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! I know I will ((:


Xoxo ..Wonderland..

FREE 25 stardollars x

Hello everyone ! By clicking Here you can receive a FREE 25 stardollar's !

And a Happy New Year ! Love , Nicole x

FREE Dress !

Hello everyone , Today in the Christmas Calender their is a FREE Dress ! By clicking Here , you can go to the Calender and Click on 24 and receive the gift ! What do you think of the dress ? Nicole x

Christmas Heart x

Hello Everyone ! Nearly Christmas ! Today , In the Superstar calender their was A Lovely heart ornament , At only 2 stardollars ! So , as its nearly Christmas Tell us in Comment's , Chat Box or my Guest Book what your Christmas Wish is - On Stardoll or in real life ! Me stardoll Christmas Wish for THE BLOG is to reach 100 Follower's ! At least by the end of January ! I also with to Be in the Magazine for Scenery or My Magazine Album!

LOVE , Nicole x

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

FREE Alexander McQueen Bracelet !

Today , Sadly in the Superstar Calender Their was a FREE Alexander McQueen Bracelet ! The Bracelet is Red , with a Heart on it ! It's very Pretty ,In realy life . It could be a better in the stardoll version ! What do you think ? Nicole x

Español Message!

¡El Stardoll tiene una tonelada de problemas técnicos este mes puf! ¡Me hace .. muy enojado ellos deberían tener a más personas que realmente miran el sitio Web! ¡Yo odiaría a de sido la persona que estropeó cuándo Stardoll tiene cosas para Dólares de estrella y alguien por casualidad lo estropea! ¡¡Ahaha!!

Xoxo ..Wonderland..

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Flower Fairies !

Flower Fairies have come to town ! Their in this new competition , has anyone ever heard of them ? Well , I know I haven't. The outfits are quite cute ! What do you think ? Comment ! Nicole x

Hot Buy's Relesed ! x

Hey Everyone ! TODAY WAS MY LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR THE BREAK , YEA ! The Latest hot Buy's report is hear ! The Pink Hot Buy's belt , at 7 sd's came out on the 17th Of December . Also , the Hot Buy's Bunny ears came out on the 19th and cost 6 sd's! Today , The Purple Marc Bacobs Dress came out today ! It's quite nice and costs the price of 18 stardollars ! WOW ! So , what do you think ? Also thank you to stardoll's Most wanted for the Image ! Nicole x