Saturday, 23 April 2011

Miss Sporty Car & Mascara!

Hey everyone. If your from the UK, follow the instructions below. If your not from the UK im sorry I dont know how to do it. Nicole <3

Mascara :
1. Log into stardoll.
2. Paste this link into the URL bar:
3. Join the club and the mascara will be in your beauty parlour.

Car (only if you have facebook) :
1. Log into stardoll
2. Log into facebook and post this link in the URL bar:
3. Like the page and click on the box to get the car!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Camera madness!

Hi everyone. Recently in stardoll they have added a couple of things for our camera! They have added camera items, effects and memory! There are 6 effects, and 2 types of memory cards. One holds 50 pictures and the other holds 100 pictures. I have bought all the effects which are bellow. What do you think of these camera items? Nicole <3

44nicole44s suite 44nicole44s suite 44nicole44s suite 44nicole44s suite 44nicole44s suite 44nicole44s suite

Effects (from top left to bottom right);
1. Jog your memory
2. 15 minutes of fame
3. Friday Night
4. Film Noir
5. Give 'em the slip
6. Copacabana Sunset

Friday, 8 April 2011

New Epiphany Jewelry Out!

Hey guys Its m-sisters :D
There are new jewlery our in the Epiphany
The Prices Range From High To Medium
I Like Some Of The Stuff
Here Are Some Pictures
They Have Rings Bangles
Bracelets Tiaras And More :DSo Are You Gonna Buy Some ?
Comment Below :D

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Im Back ! Hopefully :P

Hey Guys Im Back !
Yess I Havent Been Posting :S
Ive Been Busy With School And Da Family xD
Soo Yeahh
First Off Stardolls Has Been Having
Technical Difficulties
Firstly The Nail Design I Bought Arent In The Beauty Parlor
But In My Room :S
And Stardoll Has A Message Saying About
The Avatars Oictures Arent Showing Up

So Have You Been Having Problems ?
Ohh And What Do You Think About
The Nail Stuff ?
I Love Them !
Im Pupmed About Them :P
Soo Yeahhh
Comment Below Peeps :D

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Stardoll is five today!

Bring on the Freebies; Just click HERE to go to the above page too enter the comp, buy the decor, and more :D ~Summer ♥

Monday, 4 April 2011

Hot Buys Sunglasses!

Hiya everyone! The Hot Buys sunglasses are out now! They are 10 stardollars and superstar! What do you think?
Nicole <3

April Hot Buys!

Hey everyone! The April hot buys are here! What do you think of them? Nicole <3

Nail Polish Spoilers!

Hi everyone! There are some new spoilers for 'Polished'. Polished will hopefully be a store for us to by nail polish from! The ones with the Gold caps are pattered ones, i love the red and white polka dots and blue and black stripes! Whats your favourites? Nicole <3