Sunday, 30 August 2009

hotbuys sunglasses

hi there ! xox

The hotbuys sunglasses are in the starplaza
but there is agian a glitch
the same sunglasses but the other is 1 stardollar cheaper

look good at the picture the cheaper one is shorter then the other

xox hayleigh1998


hi there !
I made a tutorial
hope you like it

the tutorial:

xox hayleigh1998

Saturday, 29 August 2009

New Playlist ! xox

Yep , Their is a new Play list ! It has 6 Song's ! if you would like any more songs Tell me or Post your ideas in the Chat Box ! xox Nicole

50 followers ! 340 th Post !

Im SO HAPPY ! We have 50 follower's ! SO KNOW , I think this blog will be a good Success ! When we reach 100 Follower's , we will have a BIG Raffel ! So get Inviting , but dont make FAKE account's because I want people Following who will Look and Comment on My Post's ! xx We are just 1 Post away for 340 Post's ! WOHO !

My Album Magazine ! Fashion Star !

Hey Everyone ! I have been working On a Magazine I My album called Fashion star Magazine for a Month Know and it's finished ! Please Come Look and Rate ! Please tell me what you think ! Nicole xo

Friday, 28 August 2009

hayleigh1998 's banner x

I made the Banner for hayleigh1998 , Our new Writer x What do you think ?

IciParisVogue 's Scenery's ! xo

I was Browsing in the Scenery's when I came across some Lovely Scenery's created by IciParisVogue ! The Outfits in these Scenery's are Inspired that's why I love them so Much ! xox Nicole

GoodAmanda 's Make-up !

I was just looking around People's Suite's and Came across GoodAmanda and Couldn't help Noticing her Fab Make-up ! She has done it so nice with the Eye-shadow Underneath which Gives a great affect ! Nicole xox

Hot Buy's Cake Bag xox So sweet .

I Just so Love this Bag ! Their are Many way's you can ware it ! It's relay upsetting its supertstar Becuase its so Pritty , and Only 7 stardollars ! Click on the Picture Bellow to be taken to the starplazer to Buy the Item ! xox Nicole

The Posh red , and That Blue Alien ! x

hey Everyone ! Since Thier isnt much Going on in stardoll Right Know I will be posting on some Makeover's I have done ! Are you the ' Posh Alien ' ? xox Nicole [ tell me what you think !]

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Gold Goth Look x

You Can Get this Gold Goth Look , Which Is Quite Bold and Outstanding . I thought I would never be able to use the Black Lip Stick for anything , or the Hot Buy's Earing's ! xox What do you think ?

bluegreen86 's Album x

bluegreen86 Has made to Beautiful Outfit's in her Album ! Their so creative , Using little Pisces and Clothes to Make Wonderful Master Pisces ! I Just Love them , Dont you ? xox Nicole

my new youtube video

hi there it's me hayleigh1998

i made a new video on youtube:

hope you like it

xox hayleigh1998

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Huh? No Sock's ?

Hi There It's Hayleigh agian
I see the Hot buys socks by the pic of the day and i click on it but i don't see the Hot buys socks! It's soooooooooooooooo weird!!!!!

xxx hayleigh1998

HB Earrings is realeased in the starplaza

Hi There ! xox

The Hotbuys Earrings is realeased in the starplaza
it cost 6 stardollars and it's for superstar.
I like the Earrings! I am buying the Earrings!

xxx hayleigh1998

i am a new writer


i am hayleigh1998 and i am a new writer of this fab blog :)
about me:
my real name is hayleigh
i am 11 years old and i come from the netherlands

i will try to much posting in this blog :)

xxx hayleigh1998

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Which Layout ? xo

So , what will the Blog Look Like ? xox PLEASE VOTE ! xox

Changing Layout !

Hey Everyone ! Im changing the Layout of the blog , so which one ? White with pink or pink wiht Black ? xox Nicole


As ye all know I haven't been blogging a lot is because I have started 2nd year ( high school ) secondary school so I have soo Busy but I will try to post stuff !!!

Well is anything new

I hear there is new Le bags out



Thursday, 20 August 2009

Hotbuys of september

This is the pic of Hotbuys of september !! Thier so Cool !
so which one do you like?

Limmited Stock Bag's !

Hey everyone ! Sorry this blog has had a MASSIVE Lack of Post's , because I have had so much home work and have not had Time x Anyway , their is this new Limited Time Offer Bag's In starplazer ! I Love tha bag's , but HATE the Prices ! Thier so exspensive and So not fair , Superstar ! What do you think ? xox

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Thier are new Layout's for the Gift's and Mini Shop ! Nicole xox

Moxie girl stuff

The latest stuff that has come is from Moxie girl The range is in starplaza.They are all for everyone and the price is not very expensive.Like the first one are bell bottom jeans for 3$.The stuff is all very colourful !You can also get its poster.US members have got it automatically but if you want it then just log in using a proxy site like and type in and log in and hopefully you will get it