Sunday, 31 May 2009

My shoes x

These are my shoes for the comp !
Hope you like them xox

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Gest Wrighter x

Hi everyone! x
If I figure out how to invite people to wright for the blog ,
Tylersblod could be wirighting for this blog ! xox Nicole

Pick of the day 30 th Of May x

Bisou Hot Buys Buckle Wedge are Pick Of the Day!
These are very nice shoes , At the price of 8 stardollars and sadly superstar x
These are nice collar blue and brown and I think the silver buckle's are a very nice tuch!
Do you ? Nicole x

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Save more this summer x

You can now save more this summer x
I have made a littel saver for you xox
kisses,Nicole x

Hear in DECADES , I made a outfit for 26 stardollars !
This is a very nice outfit and I added a pair of shoes to go x
What can you save ?

Now hear in ELLE There is a sale,
you can but a variety of things and I made it cost 27 x
This is very nice and good for summer ,
What can you save ?

Now is Vivienne Tam I use'd the sale and made a outfit for ,
13 stardollars !
I used some tight's and well.
What can you save ??
Nicole xox

All done edditing x

I have done doing my blog up !
I would like to thank Sarah_Sugerplum for this awsome banner !
I have added new sub heading's and now will be doing 'Pick Of The Day',
Every day ! I hope you have liked the canges and I will try to post as much as I can x
Nicole xox

Monday, 25 May 2009

So Sorry x..........

Im sorry I havent been posting much because now I wright for another blog who have more viewers/follower's x
I going to try and get soemone to make me a nice banner then ill get to work on the rest of the blog,
Nicole x
P.S - please try and get more member's to follow my blog x

Friday, 22 May 2009

I was just looking around some suit's and had to stop by wirginka 's!
She has a lovely room and I love this one 2 bit's!
It most have took her for ever!
Nicole xox

Thursday, 21 May 2009

June Hot Buys x

New Furniture x

There is some more new Furniture!
The item's I like the best out of this is the Pink Door because its very nice and summery with flowers and I like the Paper Vase because off all the collars!
Do you like them?Nicole x

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Sara and her gold locket - My Story

This is a story about a girl called Sara,
her mum died when she was Ten and now she is Fourteen,
Her dad de side's he should have a Girl Friend,
They get marred and she is now her stepmum.
Then when she turned 15 he caught a terrible desese and died .
She now lived with her awful stepmum and two step sisters,
the only thing she has left of her dad is her Golden Locket,
But what's inside?....

Will you like this story with pictures?

My New Header!

I have a new header?
What do you think?

Sunday, 17 May 2009

My Survay x

I have a survay for YOU to decide and help me with my blog!
Visit to help me thanks!
Nicole xox


There is this girl called Bling_Panda and she relay wants to be cover girl!
her suit is amazing you should check her out and vote her 5/5!
If you use all her amazing suit imams you can make a fabulous room!
I have made like a rock band practise scene!


Friday, 15 May 2009

Sara and her gold locket - My Story


You must have this 2000 starpoints for this hair,
sorry x
In this story she loves her hair in a pelt and her evil
step mother takes it off her then she has her hair down,
so then you must have a nice straight hair style!x

For Sara you must have 'some' makeup,
because she is a very rich girl before her step mother takes over but...
if you cant get it thats fine ill do all the work!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

More Reused Clothes!

There Are more Re Style {DIY} clothes in the starplazer!
There are a range of Tops,Skirts and much more!
Do you like them?

I made this dress useing the new and old DIY x
do you like it?


What's this?
callie is clovergirl!
she is not even a girl.
Lots would love to be clovergirl but this is just unfair!
Do you agree?

Laddy Gaga again!

As you can see there are more Lady gaga clothes!
I like the pink bag the best ,
The skirt is quite nice too but for superstars and the top bra is quite good too!
but what do you think?

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

cata.marquesa 's DIY Style!

cata.marquesa has made a wonder ful dress useing the DIY!!
I love it!Its so the right dress for summer! 100/100 x
P.S-Your Looking Fabulous Darling! x

Pick of the day 13th Of May

This is a very nice Shrug,
it is very pick to go with the shop!
Sadly its for superstars and costs 6 stardollars,
This is like a western type stile x

DIY and Red Carpet

There is a new shop now on stardoll called...
DIY boutique,
It is very good where you have all the bits and pices and put them together to make one pice,
The prices are okay but it's sad its for superstars only x
My Favourite pice is Multi Wear Trench Dress x

But will there be more soon?
Now in the outside of the starplazer there are 2 dresses for the theme of... Red Carpet Style....
will this be a new shop?

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Flipa,The Blue Angle x

For The Competition I decided to do my best friend Flipa x
This is what she looks like before I done her makeover...

This is what she looks like after...
I decided to use Blue in this makeover since it is your favorite collar x
I used some pale pink lipstick ,then added dark blue tip to the with eye-liner and a spot of white
Then I put light blue on the eye and put a slightly darker one on the tip,
Then I put on some grey eyliner to make it stand out.
I canged the hair collar to a yellow brown and added a blue butterfly and some blue earings,

Thanks so much for making me come this far !
I loved every single activity I done!
I didn't want to do this to win the money,
I for got about it and just concatenated on what was most important,
I thought about me making the final and showing everyone I can do something!
And I DID!
Thanks so much!
you have made my life on stardoll much more easy'er now,
that I can show people when i have a chalange and put my mind to it I can do it!
I'm sorry the couple of times I was very late with the activity and that's why I have done this one early ,
I thank you for all your time and friendship ,It mean the world to have been brought this far,
and I just have to say,

You are a Blue Angle...x

My Story's...

I am starting a new part to my blog!
I Might release it tomorrow or next week x
What this will be is a story I have made,and might releat with stardoll,
I will make them at school and wright them on hear !
I hope you will like them ! x

Monday, 11 May 2009

Contest x

This is my Entray Flipa,
I spent a while looking through all your wardrobe and suit to see what I could find,
I thank you os much for making me get this far ,the second last round I fell great !
I used the new rebel prom dress with the DKNY Lip purse with Hot Buy Shoes,
I used a mask like the use at a ball and used some wings and the dress inspired by anne and used some light tights and a scneary badge you one and a pink plant,
Thanks so much Flipa! xoxoxox

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Pick Of the day 9th of May ,Hot Buy

This is a very nice dress,Perfect for being a Hot Buy!
Sadly this nice art dress is only for superstars,and costs 14 stardollars!
You can ware this dress in many different ways like the people below!