Sunday, 28 February 2010


Hey Everyone ! (Im so sorry I haven't posted in a while and this is late). ETERNITY magazine has been relesed a couple of day's ago. I LOVE the cover , It's just amazing! Though, It is being relesed in a different way! 1 or to pages a day! So you will need to stay tuned to see the rest of the Magazine! Click Here to see the magazine x

Thursday, 25 February 2010

50% JORDACHE sale!

Hello! Heidi Klum is having a sale aswell as its partner JORDACHE! I think for a 50% sale they are pretty good! So, What do you think? Nicole x

New Party Room!

Hey Everyone! Now YOU can walk down the red carpet, and be a star! Thier is a NEW party room! It doesn't cost anything, so pop on down! Or just CLICK HERE to start designing your room! What do you think? Nicole x

Saturday, 20 February 2010


We got a Exclusive look at the URBAN party!
Click Here to read it! x
What do you think?
Nicole x

The Magnifier - Muffins0012 x

The Magnifier Have YOU been Magnified yet?
Today we Magnify ..........


Has created a lovely outfit using the New OTTO Items.
First she took a pair of OTTO shoes ,
then popped on a pair of OTTO leggings,
Then she got a OTTO jacket , and added a OTTO Purse to match!
Her make-up goes very well with the outfit ,
which makes me think 'Look at what you can do' ,
with the NEW items from OTTO!

So That was Today's ,
'Magnified' Victim!
Tune in soon for the next Report!
Nicole x

Well Done

Hey everyone! I would just like to say 'Well Done' to kirbybabey becuase she one First place scenary today! She tryed so hard and we all made her dream come ture!


Friday, 19 February 2010

The Magnifier - thatgirlsophy x

The Magnifier
Have YOU been Magnified yet?
Today we Magnify ..........


Has Created a wonderful outfit,
using The Princess and the Frog Design Studio.

She had made them with Green and Brown , With Lovely Gloves to Mach!
She has also used 2 Tiara's , and a Gold Necklace.
I also see the Hot Buy's Bag! I never knew ,
someone could use it so well!

So That was Today's ,
'Magnified' Victim!
Tune in soon for the next Report!
Nicole x

Want A RIDE?

Hey Everyone!
Do YOU want a ride?
Well head to starplazer ,
Because their is a pink bike on SALE!
Only at 10 stardollars ( Dear?)
What do you think?
Nicole x

Gorgeous dresses in Spoilerss!

I was looking through spoilers and I found these two dresses..

They're quite unusual but I love them!! what do you think?

I also found a load of bikes in spoilers, which was strange.. :S

They all said bianchi on them, ever heard of it?




Thursday, 18 February 2010


Hey there bloggerss ;]
Kirbybabey herrre =D
Just wondering if you could check out my scenery : Away from the public eye.
I'm running for top scenery today and its my DREAM to win !!
So please vote and comment :)
Maybe even tell your friends?
Thanks so much!

Love you all!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Stardoll Wears PRADA!

Their is a NEW blog on the block! 'Stardoll Wears Prada'. I think this will be quite a interesting blog! I love the shoe!Click here to follow the blog! What do you think? Nicole x

Mosky Magazine x

Mosky Magazine IS Returning!.... If you Click Here , This is where it will be relesed! So , what do you think? Comment! Nicole x


The Third Issue of Teen Vogue had been Released! I Think it's Quite nice , what about you? If you fancy reading the Issue then Click Here ! What do you think? Comment! Nicole x

Hot Buy's Purse x

Hot Buy's Pretty In Pink Pirse,
Relesed - 12th February,
Cost- 7 Stardollars
Inspired By Judith Leiber
Credit - HotBuysAddicted

Hot Buy's Shoes x

Hot Buy's RIO Hot Buy's High Heel's,
Relesed - 10th February,
Cost- 7 Stardollars
Inspired By Versace
Credit - HotBuysAddicted

Hot Buys

Hot Buy's Pretty In Pink Draped Dress,
Relesed -
11th February,
Cost- 14 Stardollars

Hot Buys Sweater x

Hot Buy's Evil Panda Sweater,
Relesed - 4th February
Cost- 13 Stardollars
Inspired By -( Tell Us! )

Hot Buys Fudge Top x

Hot Buy's Fudge Tee,
Cost- 10 Stardollars
Inspired By pleasure principle
Credit - HotBuysAddicted

FIERCE Spoile Relesed !

Hey Everyone! I have A Exclusive FIERCE spoiler to Gossip Guy of Stardoll! What do you think? Nicole x

Top Member's x

Hey Everyone! I finaly got the ' Top Member's ' App! SO now , I can see who is active on this blog! So every month I will see who the top member is and they will receive a prize! Nicole x

ANOTHER LE valentine item!!

Another message was sent to certain members today, about a LE bag thats 50sd, its very nice, dont you think?
Again, ask servati to get it for you, shes COMPLETELY safe :)

FIERCE Spoile Relesed !

Their has been yet another FIERCE Spoiler relesed! what do you think? Nicole x
Credit - thestardollfreakshow!

Hot Buy's Jeans x

The Versace Hot Buys Jeans are out! They are quite nice and only the price of 9 stardollars! Though , I think they are better in real life and would have been nice if they came with the Jacket. What do you think? x Nicole.

Jeans by Versace

Credit: Hot Buys Addicted