Sunday, 30 May 2010




Congratulations! Chose by May M.O.T.M MissLotsaSmiles!
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June Hot Buys!

Hello everyone! The June Hot Buys are out! I LOVE the necklace and cant wait for it to come out! the purse is also quite nice, so are the shoes! They are all summery- Shorts and thin Tee-shirts! What do you think of the June hot buys? Nicole x

Hot Buys Platforms x

Hey everyone! The Hot Buys Platforms have been released into the starplazer! They are inspired by Topshop! They are only 7 stardollars and you can buy them from Bisou.
What do you think?
Nicole x

Recherche's Magazine Spoiler!

Hello everyone! The Recherche summer spoiler is out now! I love it, Summery,Coco-Channel, this seems like it will be a interesting issue! I can't wait for the issue to launch,
can you? Nicole x

Friday, 28 May 2010

Free Outift :O

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Hii ;D

Yes.You heard me,free outfit,no,actually,free blouse and skirt ;P
If you want it,then just read this:

 Then,copy and paste this into blank box:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Just wait until page load and then log in.That`s all.
The blouse and skirt will be waiting for you in your suite.If it doesn`t work for you,tell me,cause it worked for me ;P


Stardolls Got Talent...Have you?

Hey everyone! That's right, a brand new project coming to stardoll called 'Stardolls Got Talent'! Can you wait, because I know I cant! The project is hosted by mosky-magazine, The Judges are, Mosky-Magazine,Hunnigall,Miss_LolitaF, 44nicole44,EliteNews and xX.Karlitos.Xx! So yes, thats right, im a Judge and cant wait to get started! Nicole x

Click Here to visit the blog
Click Here to apply
Click Here to contact the owner

Thursday, 27 May 2010

FREE volie dress!

Hey everyone! There is a free dress from the Voile Shop ! If you want the dress, look below-

1.Go to or

2.Then copy this link on the box below:

3.Click enter

4.Log in and after
delete the first url adress from the proxy and copy this one below:

5.You must wait the page loads again

After go to Stardoll as you usually it will be in your suit.

If you already have this dress this won't work.

Credit-Stardolls most wanted

Hot Buys Crop Top x

Hello everyone, im sorry this blog has been quite un-active lately! Though, the new Hot Buy's top is out! Its in store at pretty in pink and only 10 stardollars! It is inspired by Topshop. I think the style is quite nice, what do you think? Nicole x

Corset top by Topshop credit- Hot Buys Addicted

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Stardolls Best dressed!

Hello everyone! Thier is a new project hitting stardoll called Stardolls Best Dressed !It is coming to stardoll and is currently asking for peoples application forms so I say get there now and you might get a job and good luch applied everyone! The judges are Tonia.ftw, Manolo.Dicicco !
What do you think?
Nicole x

Free Alice White Queen Dress x

Hello! Do you want a FREE Alice in wonderland queen dress? Then If you are from the US you can get it by clicking HERE and entering the contest!

1. For people not from US go to into the blank box copy and paste this:
and hit Browse!

2. Login to stardoll

3. Now erase the previous link
from the proxy and paste this one:

4.and hit enter or click "GO"

3.Close the window and go to Stardoll as usual ...they will be in your suite

ATTENTION: In case there will be pop up ads during the time you are using the proxy...close them and continue with the steps don't click in any of them we cannot grantee the safety of a web proxy, Thank you x

Credit: Underneath stardoll x

60 million members!

Hey everyone! Sorry, I should have posted this sooner! We have now 60 million members! When you loged in you got a FREE dress,Cup-cake and balloons! What do you think? Any idea what the 70 million prize will be? Nicole x

Credit: underneath stardoll for the picture x

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Play & Earn Collectable!

Hello everyone! The new Play & Earn collectible is out! Once you reach 70 stardollars for this month, you will receive a doll as shown below and a dolls house if you haven't already got it. What do you think of the doll?
Nicole x

HotBuys Bag is out

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Hey everyone :D

Hotbuys bag is out.It`s 12sds and for superstar,of course.Was there any Hotbuys that was for 
non-superstars too?I don`t think so :S
It`s little overpriced.I think it should cost 7-9 stardollars.xD
But,I really like it.You can wear it with different outfits and on different styles.It`s nice bag.

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Real version

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What do you think?Do you like it?


Friday, 21 May 2010

FREE clutch! x

Hey everyone! Want a FREE clutch? Then People from Germany click HERE and enter the competition ! If not from Germany follow these steps-

1. Go to
2.Copy this link and paste into blank box: then hit enter or click go!
3. Log into your account and fill in the answers!
4.close the window and go to your stardoll account as usual and it will be in your suit!
If you already got it you want get another one x

ATTENTION: If any advertisements or pop-ups aper while using the proxy, CLOSE them because we can not assure their safe.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Random news :)

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Hii everyone :)

I`m sorry I wasn`t posting in last few days :/
I was very busy with school,well I`m still am.You know,the last weeks of school,all this exams and test and everything.You probably don`t wanna listen about that,so...
Anyway,my life is great!!Ahahaahaha :D

I`ll just post about couple news.

Free Alice in Wonderland dress

If you`re from USA just click HERE and dress will be in your suite.
If you are not from USA,you have to use proxy like
In blank address bow copy and paste this:
Hit enter and log in.You`ll probably need to wait a little,but be patient.I know how hard that is.xD
Once the page is fully loaded,just close the window and go to Stardoll.The dress will be in your suite.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I really like the dress.It`s interesting :)

Also,new Miss Sixty collection is out.Click HERE to go the starplaza.I like that collection,even the last one were better :/
I love the clutches and sandals.The prices are little too expensive,but,that`s the Stardoll ;P

What do you think?Which collection were better?Would you buy anything?


Monday, 17 May 2010

Miss sixty spoilers!

Hey everyone! Below are some miss sixty spoilers! Thanks stardoll freakshow! So, will that mean Miss Sixty isnt leaving? We will have to wait and see! Nicole x

Say a goodbye to ELLE !

Hey everyone! Sadly to say , stardoll are also getting rid of ELLE ! There is a 50% sale, which is good. Though the bad thing is we have to see it go to. The store will close on the 23rd of May, so hurry up! We will miss you ! Nicole x

Hot Buys hat !

Hello everyone! The Hot Buys Hat was released yesterday. It is in store at pretty in pink and only 6 stardollars, I love that it has a pink bow with black poko-dots, I also like the black netting. Though other's will think different. There is also Hot Buys missing! The Hot buys body suite is no-where to be found! Though, the H.B's skirt was only released just a couple of day's ago! What do you think of the hat? Nicole x

UPDATE: Sorry about that, The bodysuit is in Evil panda for 15 sds! Thank you
Kirbybabey x

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Dioguardi cruise spoiler!

Hello! The Dioguardi Cruise 2010/2011 has released a spoiler! I LOVE it! I think the new collection will be Blue, Summery , and with pearls and water. What do you think? Nicole x

The Freakshow awards!

Hey everyone! The Freakshow awards are coming up! The nominees ill be announced TOMOROW! So , get ready, and make sure you will be able to vote! Look at this wonderful spoiler- made by John2_el_mejor! What do you think? Nicole x

Free Big Time Ruch T-shirt x

If you are from the UK ...just go HERE and join the will be in your suite....

The rest we will need to use a manual proxy to join the club....(How to use a manual proxy? HERE)

1.Log out of Stardoll <----very important step 2. Press Ctrl+Shift+DELETE(at the same time) in Firefox or Chrome... a window will pop up. Be sure that all the boxes are checked and in the "drop down" button be sure that you select.. ALL DAYS...not just 1 or 2 days ago...ALL....and Clear them!! (In firefox the boxes will be shown when you click "Details) If you are using Internet Explorer go to Tools and Find something that says Clear/Delete History or something and click.... then clear ALL of them!!!
3. Set the manual proxy to port 8080

4.After you do that...
. Go to the club :

5.Wait till the page loads(will take a while...).....the
n Log in...wait again the page to load

6.Remove the manual proxy....and join the club
(YOU HAVE TO BE's very slow...)

Log in and join the club....turn off the proxy....the t-shirt will be in your suite!!!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Which banner (again) x

Which Banner ?