Friday, 31 July 2009

Banner for my Friend x



Heya People As you can see I have a Rock'n banner how cool is it

Ya very soooooo as a treat I done a medoll change it all on nicole and I personal love it after
And tomorrow Im gonna go through peoples pages and I'm gonna pick out the best suite and put it on here

How cool is that and I you want me to look at your suite just right your name or a friend just right it here and tomorrow night I will pick some one

Tara (raindropblac)

Before (down) after (up)

Free Band Slam Gitar !

Hey everyone ! Today , I saw if you go to the Stardoll Cinema you can get this Free Bandslam Guitar ! But , if its not on Advertising in your country this is how to get it ! xox Nicole

1. Go to

2. Paste in the browser and push enter

3. Log into your account

4. Tada ! You've got a new guitar ;)

new Banner 's , sorry again x

I was thinking , Since I was making Tara a new banner , I thought I could do with one to ! I love them , and Personly I love the one I make for Tara Better ! xox

Is it me or is babuci1992 outfit rocking or what and all the accessories and clothes are non-superstar is this cool or what ? Raindropblac xox

Thursday, 30 July 2009

New Khols ! Its Out !

Khols Is Out ! This is the bag it comes in ! xo Nicole -ps hope you like our new writer !


Heya Star bloggers
It's me raindropblac and I am the new blog writer for 44nicole44 blog and I have another blog too it's
and I cant wait to start posting different stuff about fashion and style
OMG i cant wait I'm gonna pump this blog up with loads of funky stuff sooo I cant wait and I will post on this blog as much as I can and I will start blogging but people suites and presentations and medolls so I hope you like me and if you don't just comment and I hope we can sort it out

(btw [by the way] I am lovin' this banner it totally rocks thanks nicole)

So see ya
Tara (raindropblac)

Banner For raindropblac xo

Yes this is a banner for raindropblac , Because she is our new writer ! And vasia28 left becuase she said she is to busy xo

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Hot Buys Shoe's Free !

Yes you heard it right! The Hot Buys shoes are FREE on the StarPlaza under new! Im sure they wont last long and Sadly their for superstar , But their FREE ! I'm not sure any Hot Buy will be like this again! Or Maby it will ? Nicole xo
New Candies ! Its comming back to stardoll and I cant wait ! Can you ? I love everything and The bags are just lovely ! Dont you agree ? Nicole xx

Abbey Dawn Is Back !

Hey Everyone ! Abbey Dawn Is Back ! I'm SO SOSOSO existed ! My Favourite about this clothes line is The Pink Striped Jumper , The Shoes and the accessories ! I love the Scarf , and Necklaces there all so Prity and Punk ! What Do you think ?

[Click Image To Enlarge x Some Might be Candie's ]

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

sony jacket

yay! sonny with chance top is coming soon on stardoll....hopefully it will be free but not sure yet ! so all you demi lovers.....just wait for sometime for it to arrive , I love this top with the thrills its very nice with the waistcoat to ! Noami xo

I allready have this itam ?

Hey Everyone ! I was just searching in the StarBazer , when I seen this teeshirt designed buy this girl , [sorry cant see the name ] and realy wanted to buy it so I clicked on it and it says I allready own this itam , Its very funny becuase I dont have this itam and the Designs that are made you could buy loads of the same ones and they wouldent know ! Weard ...

Hot Buys Junp Suit xo

The Hot Buys Jump suit is out ! Its Only 10 stardollars , But sorry only for superstars x I dont realy like this Jump Suit because its baggy , but if you wear a long Coat you cant see it Baggy and It look 's allright x I love its Zebra Pateran which makes it very nice ! xo Click on pick of The Day to go to starplazer so you can buy it for yourself ! Nicole xo

In Real Life ...

Monday, 27 July 2009

My Graphic

New Blog ! Lips Of Stardoll

Hey Everyone ! I have a new blog - xo
What Ill be doing is makeovers ! So leave me a mesage if you would like one ! Thanks , 44nicole44 xo

hello i am naomi_b

Hello everyone
i am naomi and i am the new writer of this amazing blog
my stardoll id is naomi_b and i am from india....i am 13 years old and i will be 14 on 2 august! yay i am so excited about my birthday lol
i have my own blog that is called
and its an honour for me to write on this blog which belongs to my friend 44nicole44
i will try my best to bring as much information as i can for all of you
this is my temperory banner...and soon i am gonna come up with a new one

enjoy and take care

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Penguin Collars !

Their is this site called ' Club Penguin , and I want to tell you something about it . Now in club penguin their can be one new collar , out of Aqua , Lavender and Maroon . Now I think everyone should VOTE LAVENDER , because ....
Hear are the 3 collars

On club penguin there is already a Blue and Dark Purple you can buy for 60 coins out of the catalogue book . So that's why the Lavender should win because its a hole new collar ! go on club penguin now and cast your vote ! xo

ELLE Shoes Pick Of The Day


Nothing Much x

Sorry everyone x There isn't much going on about stardoll at the moment , so ill just be making outfits and things so this blog is just sitting hear ! Hope you like the idea xo

Friday, 24 July 2009

50 % Sale NOW ON ! xo

The Supperstar Sale is now on ! There are lots of things off this Month ! EVEN THE ELLE store has a sale ! So if you have some bucks , and are a superstar get yourslefs down to the starplazer and see the 50 % SALE ! xox Nicole

Again ! But GOOD ! For Yourself !

Now , because it In Scotland we have the next Pick Of The Day ! This is a very nice necklace , not like those Aliens ! I love the texture and all the detail ! Nicole ox