Monday, 30 November 2009


Hey Everyone ! Like last time [ if you remember ] I have another Survey ! Click Hear to take it ! If you cant , copy this Link - Nicole x

Christmas Graphics x

Just some graphics to get us in the mood for Christmas ! x

D O T ! x

Hey Everyone ! The New DOT is out! I think the new things they have added are quite nice, but are a Bit Dear. The Lipstick's have been raised 1 stardollar, but 10 stardollars for purple lipskick? and also The Eye-shadows and more have been raised. What do you think ? Nicole x

Free TOP ! x

Hello , Their is a FREE top in starplazer ! I find this top quite nice since its free . We better grab it whilst we can ! But sadly , its superstars as always. What do you think ? Nicole x

Saturday, 28 November 2009


SFF Is returning x
Yes , SFF is returning , or should I say Up and running already. mysecketlover is one of the writer's , but xLous26 is the owner and make a club - BVSB for her blog . What do you think ? x

The Fashion Show x
Eventually their was some news about the Fashion Show , But sadly its just a spoiler , when do you think we will get more information and some ' fashion show ' going on ? x

The Freakshow Awards

The Stardoll Freackshow awards where reveled , and Im so sorry I forgot to post them , so hear they are Below ! xox Nicole .

Best Female Medoll of the Year

Best Male Medoll of the Year

Best Dressed Medoll of the Year

Best Suite of the Year

Social Butterfly of the Year

Best Magazine of the Year
Eternity Magazine (
Glamour Magazine (
Fierce Magazine (
Eccentric Magazine (
Style Magazine (

Best Blog of the Year
Stardoll's Most Wanted (
The Stardoll Insiders (
Seen on Stardoll (
Perez Hilton Of Stardoll (
The Stardoll Freakshow (

Best Graphic Designer of the Year

Special Achievement Award

Stardoll Royalty ! x

Hello Everyone ! Stardoll Has droped Royalty gifts of to us again ! x A Nice Stardoll sign and a Pair of Crystal Earings ! What do you think ? Royalty ? x Nicole x

New DKNY , Sorry x

Hey Everyone ! Im so sorry I Haven't been active for 3 day's x How are you all ? The NEW DKNY has arrived ! I totally love it , especialy the Bags ! x Do you think we should have a comp? Well , If more people partisapate in the * MISS SIXTY * comp we could ! x What do you think ? Nicole x

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Hey people!
I Didnt expect to see me did ya hehe well school has been tough cause of projects and tests but there all done all of them A's so thats good so i have time to post stuff on so yup =]

Ok just like 10 mins ago a DKNY sale just been put up loads of sale whooow


haha i wrote the other half hehe

any way ill try to post soon

DKNY and Miss Sixty SALE ! x

Hello ! THE SALE is on ! DKNY , has a great sale ! EVERYTHING is on sale ! Two Floors ! So that must mean more is comming soon x The First Miss Sixty store is on sale , I dont think thier will be another store since their is allready 3 floors ! What do you think ? Will you be buying any ? Nicole x

Spread The WORD ! x

Hey Everyone ! How is it going ? What do you think of my NEW banner ? The AWSOME Graphic was done by Alice {Hunnigall} x The Graphic was done for me because I was the 100th member on the blog ! I realy love it ! CLICK HEAR to visit the blog x - Below I have a Poster , SPREAD the word ! x Nicole x

Sunday, 22 November 2009


Hey Everyone ! In celebrating for the Stardoll Freakshow's 100th members Tyler is throwing a Party ! It's On now !Amazing graphic by Alice , Hunnigall x So ill meet you their ! Ill save a seat for you ! xox Nicole.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Mondrian Furniture x

Hey Everyone ! How are you all ? Well , Thier is so really cool furniture out lately ! Mondrian Furniture x These Pices are made of Squares , and look really nice ! What do you think ? Will you be buying any ? Nicole x Remember and COMMENT !

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Hey Everyone ! Can you remember a couple of days ago I said in a post I would be thinking of comp's ? WELL I HAVE ONE ! Miss Sixty !

What You have to do -
Create a Outfit using clothes eg Dresses , Tops ect From Miss Sixty . Not Bags and Jewellery, you can use these items but you need a main pice of clothing . You can eather use your suit if ur a ss , or use the starplazer if you are not .

1. You MUST be a Follower of the blog.
2. Only Allowed one entry per person , can NOT enter will different Accounts !
3. No copying anyones entry .
4. Must post your Picture hear in comment or my guest book . [ can you Tinypic ]

Prize -
WILL win 30 Stardollars ! In eather gifts or Starbazer .

So Enjoy ! Below is a Example ! x

Monday, 16 November 2009

Spoilers and sorry

Hi x
Sorry for not posting ,
I am really busy with school and other things
I have found new spoilers !
it's a Barbie spoiler

I like some stuff ,
Some stuff are I think free !

Comment on what you think of the spoilers!

bye xxx Hayleigh1998

Changes x

As you know , I have a new banner . So I thought I would add some new features !
I have changed the Side Bar's , what do you think ? Whilst I was chaging the Bars I thought I would add 2 more ! Current Comp's and Member Of The Month x

Current Comp's -
I will start to ADD comp's , once we get more active members ! They will be given prizes , and winners will be featured on the blog . We have 68 Followers , so I should be seeing more. No one comments on posts which I would love and hardly anyone uses the Chat Box Eather x

Member Of The Month -
The member of the month will be chosen by me , This person will have been entering comp's , commenting and joining in with all the thing's we do ! The member of the month will get to post at the blog for a MONTH and will have their picture hear two ! xox


Friday, 13 November 2009

Suit Shop Candy ! x

Some Candy has arrived in Suit Shop ! They are realy cool ! The Slit on the wall Decor is quite nice , and also the Floor Art is quit cool ! The Paris pic is also very nice . What do you think ? Nicole x

Thursday, 12 November 2009

New BANNER ! x

Hey Everyone ! Well , what do you think ? I love it ! Made by the wonderful tcholas93 ! xox Nicole

Reira ! x

Hey Everyone ! I Just have to tell you about this awesome Graphics Blog ! Just Reira ! Reira , Known as reira422 Made me a super awesome graphic !I totally love it and thank her so much! I just love how she made the dress and hair! xox Click Hear to visit the blog and see all her amazing work ! Nicole x

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

New Antidote :] x

The Antidote is back ! x The shop this time isn't really expensive , But only one room x I think it is okay , but could be better . Lots of people hate it . I don't like much but I just Had to buy 2 bag's , and because I didn't get anything last time a dress x what do you think ? Nicole x

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

DIY is back ! x

DIY is Back ! The shop is much much smaller than the last time , with hardly any clothes or Accesories . What do you think ? Nicole x