Saturday, 31 October 2009


glitter graphics

glitter graphics
Glitter Graphics, Halloween Glitter Graphics

Side Bar's x

Hey Everyone ! Right now , their hasn't been much posts because im trying to make the blog look nice x Help me chose wich side bar layout - Nicole x


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Doll with a Frame x

As you may know , every doll you visit will have a 'white' background , But this doll is 'special?'.This doll has 'Frame' , buy why ? This is a new theme but why a frame ? Will their be more doll's like this ?This is the first doll in stardoll History [if im not wrong] To have a background ! What do you think ? Nicole xox

Update ! -
Stardoll modelled this doll of this painting
by Johannes Vermeer! Click
Here to see the painting x Thank you Miss Brigitte

Latest Starplaza Collection ! x

Hey Everone ! I'm sorry I haven't posted lately ! The Latest starplaza collection [seen below] , I cant find in starplaza ? can anyone elce ? I relay like the shoe's , the shirt and skirt are okay , but why dose stardoll send out a newsletter with thing's not even in the starplazer yet? Nicole xox

Sunday, 25 October 2009

New magazine coming soon...

Hi There

I'm opening coming soon a new magazine
Called: The Stardoll ELLE
Here will puplisch the magazine:
i have only made the cover
but oke hope you like the cover

bye xxx hayleigh1998

The Halloween Alttre x

[ Click to enlarge ]
Be Their ,

Prizes , Gift's and Best Dressed List !

Thursday, 22 October 2009

New stardesign ! x

Their is a new stardesing Dress out ! It is 14 stardollar's , but if you wish you can buy one from Bisou for 1 stardollar less ! This design is from the Miss Sixty Fall 09 collection x What do you think ? xox Nicole .

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Tingeling Halloween Couture x

Hello Everyone ! Their is this new fab shop out! Tingeling Halloween Couture x These outfit's are bellow , They are mostly from Alexander McQueen Fall 2009. But Some are not . The post is to long , so I will post the shop in a diffrent Post x What do you think ? Also , thank you to stardolls Most Wanted for the picture's . Nicole xox

John Galliano Platforms
Rodarte Boots
Julien Macdonald Fall 09
Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

My Design's

My Design's
[ click to enlarge ]
What do you think ? x
Order In Gestbook x
Nicole xox

Balmain Inspired Outfit x

I relay love this Balmain Inspried outfit !I Just hope , It wont be susperstar !It probably will. The Frill's are realy nice ! Thank you Seen On Stardoll for the Picture ! What do you think ? Nicole xox


Free Littlest Pet ! x

Hey Everyone ! The Lil Pet's are back ! Lot's of people have received this Lil pet free ,But If you haven't like me , Click hear to go to starplazer and see all the Lil pet's , but they all arent Free ! I wish they were x What do you think? Nicole xox

November hotbuys

Hello !
The November Hot buys is out in the magazine x
They are coming soon in the starplaza .

I relay like the Hot buys ,
The hair of the hotbuys doll is fab fab fab fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment what you think of the hotbuys doll ? and don't forget the hotbuys hair :P

x hayleigh1998

Saturday, 17 October 2009

The ' Craze ' Magazine x

Hey Everyone ! I Decided , Since this blog need's a Bit More Fashion , I decided to make a Magazine . a Craze magazine !Every Saturday/Sunday I will post a Craze Magazine on which is the Biggest Craze ! What do you think ? Nicole xo

Free SkateBoard ! x

1.Go to
2.Type in:
3.Log in
4.Wait a few seconds
5.Log out
Then you have a free Moxie Girl's SkateBoard!

Miss Sixty Fall x

The New Miss Sixty Fall is out ! I Realy Like this collection , As I have bought two thing's from it and will be buying more x I think this collection is better than the last , do you ? xox Nicole .

Trouble taking Pictures x

Hi Everyone ! I am having trouble taking Picture's , because the programe I use [Jasic Paint Shop Pro] Is not letting me take picture's at the Moment , so I will need to Post without picture's at the moment unless I can find them somewhere elce x Sorry , Nicole xox

Friday, 16 October 2009

nutter's banner x

What do you think ? x