Sunday, 31 October 2010


Thursday, 28 October 2010


                  These are the spoilers for today.

                             These styles look fashionable!

                             Do you like them?

                             Write in the comments.

November Hot Buys

Hello everyone! The November Hot Buys have been released! What do you like the best? Will you buy anything? The List of dates are below! Nicole, x

Hot Buys Leather Dress - 19th of November
Hot Buys Bracelet - 29th of November
Hot Buys Big Poncho - 9th of November
Hot Buys Leggings - 17th of November
Hot Buys Dress - 4th of November
Hot Buys Uggs - 25th of November
Hot Buys Shorts - 15th of November
Hot Buys Pale Dress - 12th of November
Hot Buys Glitter Bag - 14th of November
Hot Buys Digital Watch - 21 of November

Monday, 25 October 2010


                   Hi Guys! Could you do me a favor? Could you follow
                   If I receive lots of followers I will start a comp.

                         This will be a great opportunity for you!


Sunday, 24 October 2010

New Writer!

      Hi! My name is Anne and my stardoll name is AnnGurl. I am
      a new writer at this website. I'm so happy 44nicole44 let me
      be apart of this blog. I hope you will enjoy my posts!

1 Stardollar hotbuy!

Hey all readers of this blog!
Today I have fantastic news, i  have found a hotbuys wool jumper 
for 1 stardollar only! Dont believe me? Have a look! v
Its for superstar only! Look under popular! ENJOY!(:
click to enlarge (:

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Hot Buys Sweater!

Hi everyone! Today the Hot Bus Sweater was released! It is the price of 15 stardollars, susperstar of course and can be bought in Bisou. This sweater is great to complete a winter look. What do you think? Nicole, x

Friday, 15 October 2010

Dracula Teeth!

Hey everyone :L Today Im posting about the new Dracula teeth. They actually quite popular...but unfortunately there only for superstar <33 Also there only 5 stardollars!

Monday, 11 October 2010

October Hot Buys

Hi everyone! Im so sorry i just noticed i havent posted about the October Hot Buys. What do you think of them? Which ones will you buy? Nicole, x

Front Row Paris

Hey everyone. A New floor has been added to the Front Row shop. This time it is a Paris theme. What do you think? Have you bought anything? Nicole, x


Hello everyone! A new issue of ECCENTRIC magazine was made when, vanessa (Star_Awards) had made a return to stardoll. The last issue was made in september 2010, do you think the magazines issue has improved since then? Any thoughts? Nicole, x

Free thanksgiving items!

If you would like a FREE turkey and Happy Thanksgiving banner, then read below.

*If you are from Canada, click here and enter the contest. Then return to your suit and it should be there.

1. If you are
not from Canada, use a proxy like

2. Then copy and paste into the URL box and click go.

3. Log into stardoll

4. Copy and past into the URL box

5. Close the window then return to stardoll and it will be in your suit.

Credit : Underneath Stardoll

Free Tree!

Hey everyone! Would you like a FREE tree?
The read below :)

* If you are for Germany, click here, enter the contest and it should be in your suit.

1. If you are not for Germany, use a proxy like,

2. Write in the URL box and click go

3. Log into stardoll

4. Copy and Paste Into the URL box.

5. wait a minute then close the window go to your suit and it should be there!

Recherche Magazine

Hi everyone! The Recherche Magazine was released a couple of days ago with a new issue! It is based on things all around the world! What do you think of this issue? Nicole, x

To read the issue click here

Friday, 8 October 2010




Well Done :) !

Sunday, 3 October 2010

New Mortal Kiss Floor!

Hi everyone! There has been a new floor added to the Mortal Kiss Store. What do you guys think? Nicole, x

CREDIT : Underneath stardoll

FREE i love france tee!

Hey everyone! Sorry i havent posted in a while :( . There is a new I love France Tee-shirt in starplazer, click here to get it in your dressing room! Nicole, x