Thursday, 29 April 2010


Thier are some new spoilers on the block! They are mostly dresses, and a top and skirt! They are Mostly pink,purple and Autumn colours! What do you think? Nicole x

Thank's to the stardoll freak show for the pictures


Hello everyone! (sorry im late on posting this). ANTIDOTE is OUT! What do you think? There are still some pieces left, though the collection could have been better, though what was the Aliens for? Nicole x


Monday, 26 April 2010

FREE bikini and a free Music player!

Hey everyone! Do you want a FREE bikini and a free Music player? Then Go to and click 'get the gift' and then it'll be in your suite! I love the bikini, and the earphones and MP3 player is quite nice! What do you think? Nicole x

New Magazine on the blog , SERENITY!

Hey everyone! Their is a new magazine on the block! SERENITY! What do you think? I think the theme is based on 'the OSCARS', do you? Click Here to follow the blog, to be able to see the magazine relesed! Nicole x

Anridote spoilers!

Hey everyone! The NEW ANTIDOTE spoiler's are out! Thier is only a couple below, so most of It is kept a surprise (unless you see it on other blog's)! I think the spoiler's are okay,nice,summer like, and more! Also in some spoiler's , I seen some Ice Cream cones? What do you think? Nicole x

Thank you to the stardoll freakshow for the pictures!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

New Harajuku Lovers Gift

The New free Harajuku Lovers gift is out in the Harajuku Club! Yay, I was waiting for this one. I think the bikini is cute, and so are the headphones. =D

Keep track of when the new gift is out on the club homepage.
To get the gift, go to the club and click 'Go get the gift' as shown in the picture. ^^

Have a nice day! =]

DKNY,DKNY (Not new)

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Heey everyone :DDD

I`m so so sorry I didn`t post in last time.
I promise I`m gonna post more from now.

Can you believe this?There is DKNY SALE in starplaza.And it`s more then 50%.Wow!!!

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I bought everything :O
But,these items will cost more for couple months/years
Stardoll will probably released new collection soon.So,be patient!!
I hope it`s gonna be a lot better then this one.

Mihaela :)

Thursday, 22 April 2010


Hey everyone! The ETERNITY spoiler has been RELESED! What do you think? I think the next issue will be based on a 'Military' theme! I love this spoiler, and with all the confusion of who Is owner and what not, I can't wait for the next issue! Nicole x

May Hot Buy's!

Hey everyone! The MAY HOT BUY'S are OUT! I LOVE them, especially the Minnie Mouse Bodysuit! What do you think, again, New Layout for Hot Buy's like a 'Movie tape'. What do you think of the Hot Buy's? Nicole x

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Banner's x

Hey everyone, I am going to change the blog a little bit, and I was wondering, should I use THIS banner or my OLD one? Tell me in comment's, thanks x

Monday, 19 April 2010


Hello Everyone! I was wanting to know if I could ask a BIG favour? Could you all VOTE MY ALBUM? I have worked so hard on the may issue and wanted to share it with the hole of stardoll and accomplish my dream and get it in the stardoll magazine!

So if you are willing to help,
CLICK HERE to go to my album,
and rate (please?) 5/5 x


Make-Up by Lois (._.lola._.)


here's another post from me ♥

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The products with a circle are the products that I used. You can use other colours if you like, like yellow, orange or green. I like the hot pink in combination with dark blue/purple.
Be creative!

- Lois ♥

Saturday, 17 April 2010

DONNA magazine released!

Hey Everyone! DONNA magazine has just been released! I love the grpahic's, and the article's! Though, it is not completed though I hope it will be soon so we can see the rest of the issue! They have great beauty tip's, and also the shoe graphics are amazing!

What do you think?
Read the rest by clicking here

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Can you ALL do me a favour??

Hey Guy's , Can I ask you to do me a BIG favour? PLEASE follow 3 blog's for me? Read below for more information x

Fashion Star Magazine
Owner- 44nicole44
For- 44nicole44's album Magazine
Follow - (click)

Stardoll Catch Up
Owner- Nutters
For- Stardoll and Outside of stardoll
Follow- (click)

Glossy Gossip (JUST NEW)
For- Stardoll
Follow - (click here)

New stardesign TV & Frame!

Their is a NEW stardesign FRAME & TV design! They are both 10 stardollar's and the Gold Frame is quite nice. Though 10 stardollar's, could have a nice new outfit for that price! Though, what do you think? Nicole x

HB shoes!

Hello everyone! The Bisou Hot Buys floral print pump shoes have been relesed at the price of 7 stardollar's. I really like the pink flower's on the toe , though stardoll could have done better. What do you think?

Will You buy them?
Nicole x

Real Version Inspired by Marc Jacobs:
Thanks to hotbuys addicted for pic

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Which Banner?



Getting ready for summer?

I am no longer sure if I am on earth, because I think this year has skipped spring [weather wise].
It already feels like summer here in London. What about where you are?

44nicole44, the owner of this amazing blog is already getting started as you can see.
Can you believe she hasn't been covergirl? Why not vote for this deserving girl? I have. ^^

Speaking of summer, we should get prepaired for the heatwave.
Get your swimsuits ready for going to the beach, and bring out those pretty shades.
Stardoll has got some really cute swimwear and new glasses out in the starplaza.
Will you be buying them?

F.S.M comeback!

My Magazine , Fashion Star Magazine is making a comeback with a new issue! My magazine is different because it is done in my album! Me and my team will work on the magazine and try to get it out in may , though if not it will be released in June!