Thursday, 30 April 2009


Yes the prises are out!
{I might be the first blog to wright this!-23:21}
The tee's are free!
but the bag is 10 and for superstars and the swinging 30,000,00 is 30 stardollars!
Should it not be free since there are all these members?

30,000,00 members!

As you can see there are more than 30,000,00 members!
Well done stardoll!
as you can see we might be getting gifts!
But when?hmm.....

Clover Girl 29 April

User name -Sandra.28
Age -20
Gender -Girl
Country -Russian Federation
Member Since -2008-04-15

Sandra.28 -

Sandra.28 was clover girl on the 29 Th of April.She has been it another 4 times and one lots of other titles of ....-

21 October - 1 place CG

21 October - 1,2,3 place Scenery :)

28 October - 1 place Scenery

29 October - 3 place Scenery

5 November - 2 place Scenery

24 November - 1 place CG

24 November - 1 place Scenery

24 November (48 Week) - 1 place Album

26 January - 2 place CG

13 March - 2 place CG

23 March - 2 place CG

9 April - 1 place CG

18 April - 2 place CG

29 April - 1 place CG

and she is very lucky!

I say she has been picked for her stiling suit!
and her medoll is still fabulous like it allways has!


Pick Of The Day!-Hot Buy

There is another Hot Buy on the run!
This is very stylish,and can be worn with just small tites!
This is very nice but only for superstars and costs 14 stardollars.
Please leve a comment of what you think!xox

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Prises for new members!

When you join you get a free gift,clothes chair table cushion boxes and 80 stardollars!

new design!!!!!!!

I have a new design!
as you see I have copyed the one in the starplazer!
If you would like one just coem ask!
These might be the prices.........

Skirt-9 stardollars
Jacket-7 stardollars


Yes there are new features to stardoll!
I don't like them,I have been on stardoll since 2007 {if u don't belive me read my quick facts buy stardoll}
and im finding it hard to move room with no arrows,and now the wardrobe and coburd
can move!
and there is also a bigger space........

Monday, 27 April 2009

ZIVYLE's suit

This girl called ZIVYLE has a amazing suit! She has a bathroom,showroom,hats room disco room and many more! if you wish to see the rest of her amazing suit,click hear!
P.S-I love your Rocking outfit darling!xox

Pick of the day x

Hear today we have a set of very stylish bangles!
There from the shop Pretty In Pink as you can see
there only the cost of two stardollars,not much and is for anyone!
If you have a pink or white outfit and need a accessory to go with it this will be perfect!

Hot Buys Blazer

The Hot Buys Blazer is in!
you can see it has been allready created but in a diffrent coular.
do you like it?leve a comment thanks!

44nicole44 x

Play and Earn!

Yes you can now play and earn on stardoll!
But the sad thing is you only get a time to spend them,
and you only get 5 stardollars.
I see there will be more games coming soon!
I find the Style Memory one easer,
Tell me what you think?

Sunday, 26 April 2009

My designs !

They are some of my desings,
if you want any just tell me and ill make one for you!
They will just be 1 stardollar above the price

DKNY,do they get money?

Dose stardoll get money to advertise DKNY?
The clothes are all the same but only there not real.
I like them because there much cheeper,
in real life there abpu 100 punds or even 1000!

FREE Dress.....

Which one would you like?

Yes, for f r e e ?

BUT - You can only chose one -

... So pick c a r e f u l l y ...

Black Dress-

Pink Dress-

Red Dress-

Green Dress-

tussann has a fabulous suit!
as you can see one minuit she is at her house,
the next shes at a club dancing,
then at a swimming pool and away to get a nice fancy dress!
I love this suit and you should go see the rest of her fabulous 12 rooms which are all very creative!
P.S-your looking fabulous darling!

xela2's great designs!

xela2 has made some fabulous designs!
you can buy them clicking hear at her starbazer
there only four stardollars above the price,very affordable!
I love these designs because there suitable for Adults and kids!



Yes!!PHILSOPY has got a sale!
Its all reduced!
I fell sorry for non superstars and the people who bought the itams before they were reduced case they would have wasted a lot of money!

Summer Trends 2

Hear I have the DKNY trousers.
But if you go along to DECADES....

You can find the simalar pair of trousers.
If you missed they DKNY trousers,
or were not arount to get them,
I would recomend you go to DECADES to get a pair!

hear I have the DKNY shoes and Bisou shoes.
The DKNY one's are 11 stardollars.
The Bisou one's ate only 5.
I would buy the Bisou ones because they save you 6 stardollars.
There for anyone and there very similar!

Hear I have a ELLE necklace and a Volie necklace.
The ELLE one is six stardollars and is for superstars.
The Volie one is only four stardollars and is for anyone.
I would buy the Volie one because its for anyone and saves you 2 stardollars,
and it lookes more real.

How to wear Bisou Fur's

How to wear this Bisou Fur is....
1.Go to Bisou and pick this yellow and orange fur jacket
2.stay in Bisou and go to the second floor,and pick up the Floral printed Top.
3.Still stay in Bisou and go to section 3 and pick up the Riannah big buckel belt
4.Now go to level two and pick up the String Loop Skirt.
5.Now finaly go to Pritty In Pink and pick up the hot buys shoes!

and thats how to wear that fur jacket for only 20 stardollars!

Pick of The Day

This is a very nice pretty in pink skirt!
The bow at the top makes it a lovely skirt!
Sadly its only for superstar's and it costs 6 stardollars

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Never do it!

Yes,Never give out your password!
I did last year and I got 100 stardollars took away from me
nearly lost my lip print
and she still haunts me and today she came to me
and said she got hacked,she asked if I could help.
I wasn't so sure...

cltreanor fabulous desings

cltreanor has made this new LE desing to look like the LE jacket!
The real one was 250 stardollars but now you can go buy cltreanor's just for the price of 17!
Well done for this fabulous design!

Friday, 24 April 2009

This look's like there is going to be new kitchen furniture!
Its set in the 70 80's I think

These are fabulous clothes and as you can see the blazer is being worn by Lindsay Lohan !!

do you like them??please comment xox

New 3 years clothes!!

Yes its stardoll's B-day this week!
I have been on since 2007,Kind of 3 years.
The clothes are for superstars and non superstars!
Do you like them?I dont like the yellow jump suit

Hot Buys!May

Yes the Hot Buys are back!
Some of Aprils ones arent out yet,they could have brought it out in may but its not my desision
Do you like them??leve a comment thanks!

{Sorry for not posting,}

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

3 years!

Yes its stardoll b-day this week and you can win stardollars buy playing games!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Summer Trends

Yes now for the next part I have some summer trends!

and if you use yellow and orange it is a great summer coular 2!