Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Ramadan Calendar

Hi everyone! Tomorrow we are getting a new Ramadan Callender! Click here to visit it! You will be able to open the first window tomorrow! What do you think? Nicole

Monday, 18 July 2011

Hot Buys Lipstick Necklace!

I normally like cute like things like this necklace is trying to be, But I'm really unsure about this one;

I love teapot necklaces too but lipstick and teapots? What has the world come to?
It seems rather busy- But I can see why some may like that,

I just dont see my self paying $15 for it,

Will you guys be buying?

~Summer ♥

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Free Monster High Jacket & Glasses!

Hello! Do you want a Free jacket & glasses? Then just click here , then click buy and go to your suit! Nicole

Hot Buys Cape

Hey everyone. The Hot Buys cape is out now! Its being sold in Fallen Angel and is 23sds! Bit dear but it is a nice grey colour witch could go nice with a summer outfit! What do you think? Nicole

Other World Sale!

Hello everyone! Other World is having a 25% sale! So if there is anything you want you should grab it now!


Hi everyone! A new shop had come out called Tiptoe, though its not a clothes shop, its a shop for your feet! You can buy stickers to put on your toes and tattoos to put on your feet! What do you think of this store? Nicole