Saturday, 31 July 2010

Makeup Tutorial.

Hey everyone! I thought I would make a makeup tutorial for you all! There are 12 steps to this look, and it is quite summery I would say! So, lets get to it! :)

1. First, if you want add a bit of blusher to give your face a bit of colour! Then, add some light eye-shadow, and leave a bit black just before the eye brow.

2. Get a darker purple and place on top of the light purple, but not much!

3. Put light yellow eye-shadow in the corner of both eye. Only apply once.

4. Add darker yellow/orange to the side of the eye on top of the light yellow.

5. Now add some mascara.

6. Then add the longer last mascara, which extends them a little.

7. Now just above the eye add a little light blue eye-shadow, not all over the eyelid!

8. Next add some light pink lipstick!

9. Now add some luxe lipgloss to give that extra shine!

10. Then add some black eye-liner on the top of the eye.

11. Now add liquid eye-liner the the bottom half of the eye.

12. Add some white eye-liner now to make the bottom bit of the eye stand out.

And their you have it!
a nice summery look!
what do you think?
do you want more?
- Nicole x

Friday, 30 July 2010

Hot Buys Bag!

Hey everyone! The Hot Buys bag was released! It's 7 stardollars and can be bought in Bisou! Of coarse its superstar. The black and white pattern is quite nice I think. What do you think? Nicole.




Well done!
*to collect your prize of blogger for a month, contact me*

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Hello everyone! I just thought, why dont we have some COMPETITIONS? Well- that all depends on YOU! Because whenever I did a comp, no-one would take part. So-


Thanks! I just thought I would give you all a treat, since we are 10 away from 200 followers! SO, SIGN your name and if you want, some COMPETITION IDEAS! I though the prises should range from 1st place wins 20sds, 2nd wins 20, and 3rd wins 5? Because I will be making QUITE A FEW comps, so the prizes will be low so im not speeding lots of money? Though it will be through starbazer & gifts, sorry. SO, get COMMENTING!!!

We only have 14 people taking part.
We need about 20 to 30 !


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Admire Magazine spoiler & advice!

Hey everyone! Admire magazine (this blog is the official sponsor) has got there September issue spoiler! I cant wait, and what a perfect time for my birthday! The theme is 'Dark Fashion'! I love the spoiler and cant wait! They are also looking for questions! Send them to, and it could be featured in the magazine! What do you think? Comments? Nicole.

Monday, 26 July 2010

FREE cat!

If you are from the UK click HERE and you will find it in your suit! If you are not from the UK use a proxy. to go to and in the blank box copy and paste this link:

2.hit enter or click "GO"

3.Login to stardoll!

wait a minute then Close the window and go to Stardoll as usual and you will find it in your suit!


Preeya Kalidas live chat!

Hi everyone! Today stardoll has arranged a live chat with 'Preeya Kiladas'! I have never heard of her before, so im not sure if I would attend. Could someone tell me who she is? Thanks. So, will you be attending the live chat? Nicole.

She was on a soap in the UK (EastEnders) And she left that show too launch her singing career.
Thanks 'Summer' for the information.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Music & Bloglovin

Hi everyone! I have added some music to the blog. also im sad because the background is said to be removed this Friday. im sad. I love this background! I dont want it to go :(. Also, i have now joined Bloglovin! I'll get the link , so you can follow :] x

Follow my blog with bloglovin

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Hang Ten!

Hey everyone! Sorry im so late with this too! A new department has been added to the Kohl's store! Hang Ten!
I quite like them, what do you think? Nicole.

Hot Buys Earrings!

Hello everyone! Sorry im so late with this post, I didn't realise! The Hot Buys Earings were released on the 14th of July. At only 6 stardollars and of coarse, superstar. The RL version is by Forever 21. What do you think of the earrings? Nicole.

UPDATE: They were not released on th 14th. There were technical problems, and stardoll managed to release them yesterday. When they were first released there were glitches. When you bought them, they did not show up in your beauty parlour. Eventually they did. And for a few hours they were non SS. Credit: faux.fuchsia

Credit: Hotbuys Addcicted for RL picture
Credit: Stardolls Most Wanted

Penthouse Spoiler!

Hey everyone! There has been a Penthouse spoiler lurking around! There seems to be 17 being released! I cant wait, with the look of the below spoiler, they might be good! I LOVE the crocodile, becuase I have one in real life, and I take him everywhere on holiday with me lol.
What do you think? Nicole.

Credit: Stardolls Most Wanted

FREE red panda!

Hiya everyone! This month's FREE endangered animal is a Red Panda! To get one, Click Here and press 'Adopt Me' and it will be delivered to your suit! What do you think? Nicole.

CREDIT for the picture- Underneath stardoll

More and More awards!

Hey everyone! There seems to be a lot of awards planed for this year! Below I have a list of them all, so I didn't have to put them in separate posts!

The Stardoll Elite Awards:,
Owned by kxcatarinaxk.

The Gala Awards:
Owned by Vintage-Glamour & Findurlove

Gloss Awards:
Owned by

New Killah spoilers!

Hey everyone! In the spoilers there seems to be a new shop being released soon, called 'Killah'! It is said to be a part of the sixty group based in Italy! The clothes seem quite nice, what do you think? Comments? Nicole x

Sunday, 18 July 2010


Hey everyone! There has been a makeover (as you may see)! I have a NEW banner, header banner and side bars! I added a new 'glowing' effect to them! So, please dont be afraid to tell me what you think, Thanks! Nicole x

French week!

Hello everyone! This week stardoll has made it into a 'French Week'. In the starplazer there has been a lot of clothes released to do with France, Paris etc.
What do you think
of French week, any comments? Nicole x

Saturday, 17 July 2010

FREE cat and dog!

Hey everyone! Do you want a FREE Dog and Cat?
Then follow these simple steps-

**Free Dog [available only if you haven't got the cat before]
1.Go to UK proxy site- or
2.Then post in
3.The copy and paste this link-
4.Click Enter or Go
5.Click on dog (DON'T CLICK ON CAT, You will be able to get it below)
6.Not the dog should be in your suit!

**Free Cat
1.Paste this link into your browser to get it in your starplazer dresser.
2.Buy the cat for 0sd
3.It will be in your suit!
You can get more than one cat.
If you want more, buy the cat, and then click the link again!

Donna magazine's released issue!

Hello everyone! Im so sorry i have been un-active lately! I will try to post more :D. A new issue of Donna Magazine has been released for summer! I just love the front cover, it's so eye-catching! There is a interview with Manolo.Dicicco about himself and Dioguardi! So, comments on the new donna issue? What do you think? Nicole x

I dont want to spoil the issue for you so,
Click Here to read it for yourself!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Hot Buys Top Released!

Hiya everyone! The fudge Hot Buys peace shirt was released yesterday! It costs 14 stardollars and as I said it is from Fudge. Lots of people will like it because it has converse on it. I think the top is all right. What do you think? Nicole x

FREE starpoint picture!

Hello everyone! There is a new FREE starpoint picture to replace the old one! If you go to suit shop and press 'starpoint' it will be on the first page at the left hand corner! You can buy 10 at a time, what do you think of the picture? Nicole x

Im Back!

Hey everyone! Just a little not to say im back! I know a lot has been happening lately, and I will try to update it all soon! I would like to say a big big thank you to Lois (._.lola._.) & Kirby (kirbybabey) for making a effort while I was gone, though what has happened to the others??? I think I will need to search for more writers soon,
though they will need to be active.

Also sorry about no member of the month this month, because I was on holiday, I will try to fix that shortly! Nicole x