Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A Few Free Dresses. . .

In case You hadn't already got them :)
So first is the E&J Aurora dress,
so if your from Poland, Click HERE
If not, Use a proxy, I used;
Put in the blank
box- Stardoll.com
Then press ok,
Log into stardoll. . .
When you are logged in change the proxys url from
stardoll.com too http://www.stardoll.com/en/contest/finish.php?id=556
Let the page load- then log into stardoll as normal, and it will be in a gift box in your suite
Your also get free shoes :) But I was more excited about the dress!
Its a rare dress- Well not any more, And it matches my hair ;)

The next free Item is a black and white Saturdays dress, This ones a lot simper too get, just click HERE And dress up the doll (Remember too click save!) and the dress will be sent too your suite in a gift box :)

This last dress is
also very easy too get, Just click HERE And dress up the doll (Again remember too save) And the dress will be sent to
your suite in a gift box :D

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Hot Buys Belt

Hey everyone! The Hot Buys Belt has been released in the starplazer! Its at a reasonable price of 5 stardollars, you can find it in Fallen Angel. Of coarse, its superstar. What do you think of this belt? Nicole, x

Sunnuy Bunny!

Hi everyone! A new floor of Sunny Bunny had been released a couple of days ago! What do you think of the accessories? have you bought any? Let me know! Nicole, x

Stardoll and the City Shop!

Hiya everyone! There has been a new shop released called, Stardoll and the City which is named after a movie, only stardoll. I think the shop is okay, what do you think? These clothes are up to 40 stardollars, so will you get your hands on any? Nicole, x

September Hot Buys!

Hey everyone! The September Hot Buys have been released! What do you make of them? Will you be buying any when them come out? Nicole, x

Release Dates ! -
Hot Buys Felt Hat - Decades, September 2nd
Hot Buys Budgies Top - Fudge, September 5th
Hot Buys Dress - Voile, September 9th
Hot Buys Umbrella - Evil Panda, September 7th
Hot Buys Glitter Bag - RIO, September 14th
Hot Buys Office Dress - Stardoll Girls, September 16th
Hot Buys Pocket Watch - Bisou, September 18th
Hot Buys Big Sweater - Fudge, September 22nd
Hot Buys Wedge Heels - Pretty in Pink, September 24th
Hot Buys Leather Jacket - Evil Panda, September 30th


Tuesday, 24 August 2010


i am SO happy!
last year, well we
reached 100 followers
in 1 year. and im glad to
say we about reached 200
followers in half a year! This
is a great early birthday present!
(september the 11th :D)! xxx
can we reach 300, by 2011?
Lets hope so !

we now have 199 followers, but im still counting it as 200!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Miss Stardoll World store!

Hi everyone! Sorry i forgot to post about this, but a store called Miss Stardoll World has just been updated! Its for the comp running called the miss stardoll world, which i also never posted about but you probuably all know about it! What do you think? Nicole, x


Hiya everyone! A new floor has been added to the indentiTee store! The tee's mostly have i (heart) something on them! What do you think? Did you buy any? Nicole. x

Sunday, 22 August 2010

In here shoes party!

Hey everyone! I was asked by a friend if i could post about this new party coming up! The party is called 'in her shoes'. The invitation is below with everything you need to know! Will you be going? Nicole. x

Saturday, 21 August 2010

LIPSTICK magazine spoiler!

hiya everyone! Just here to tell you that a LIPSTICK spoiler has been released! Lipstick hasn't been up-and running since the last issue, where i wrote a piece because the owner (Miss_LolitaF) had other ideas! But it seems lipstick has a new owner. So, lipstick is making a comeback. What do you think of the spoiler? Any comments? Nicole. x

Friday, 20 August 2010

Get that killah look on a non-superstar budget!

Hey guys (: Firstly I wanna apologize for not posting much lately, My laptop went into repair, and in a day of getting that back- So did my phone, So I’ve been running around sorting that out.

So looking in the starplaza- I have a love for the killah store! But the prices are high and all items are superstar! ):

So heres how too get that killah look on a non-superstar budget!

So here we have an Original killah outfit :

Draped Trousers- $24

Ankle sock boots-$16

Pastel Tube - $12

Boxy blazer-$20

(All items from killah)

Total- $72

And next we have a non super star look:

Boyfriend Jacket from stardoll- $4

White tube top from basics- $3

Everyday shorts from fudge-$5d

Ankle boots from Rio- $4

Total- $16

Although on the second outfit I have used sorts- The outfit is pretty similar, And your saving alot, I think the second look is great for the summer!

So give it a go- Get that Killah look on a non- Superstar budget!