Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Old Hair collars Back Again x

Again , stardoll has brought back Old Hair collar's ! The Doree Pumpkin Hair Collar was hear Last Year and Must be brought back for Halloween ! The Cury Hair Collar has also Came Back , will you buy any ? ! Nicole xo

Hot Buys Balloon Dress

Hey ! How are you all ? The Hot Buy's Balloon Dress was released Yesterday ! I Totaly Love it , The Real Make comes from Top Shop and I have Tried this dress on , I was Going to buy it for my Leavers Party but I baught something elce x What do you think ? Again Sadly it's for superstars , But only cost's 8 stadollars ! Nicole xo

Sunday, 27 September 2009

stardollprefects ! x

Hello everyone ! I just have to tell you about this awesome blog ! stardollprefects ! This blog is owned by the Beautiful Baileygirl1212 , Do you want to know why you should follow this amazing blog ? Well look below ! What a AMAZING graphic ! Nicole xox Click hear to Visit x

What's your Best Footware ?

Hey , everyone ! As I said because their isn't much to talk about , I will be doing look book's and Much More ! So out of these Four footwear , The Pink Hot Buy's shoes , Miss Sixty Socks , Red carpet shoes and the Miss Sixty shoes what pare would you buy ? Nicole xox

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Look Like a Bisou School Teacher x

x bisou School Teacher x
Total Price - 38 stardollars .
Without Make Up x

' Look like .... '

Hey Everyone ! How are you all ? Since their is not much to post about , I will be posting how you can look like people . Celeb's , Normal everyday people and much more ! So keep on the ' Look ' out x Nicole .

Friday, 25 September 2009

October Hot Buy's x

Yep , the New Hot Buys are hear ! They are so nice and will go with the halloween theme ! I realy love the High Boot's and the Purses ! What do you like ? Nicole xox

Miss Sixty !

Hey Everyone ! You will never guess what ! MISS SIXTY ! Yea it's in starplazer , it's quite exspensive but it is finaly hear ! WOHO ! What do you think ? xox Nicole

Thursday, 24 September 2009

LE , What's Left x

Im Very Surprised that their are Still some LE left overs x The Purple Dress , 200 stardollars and the Black Sequin Boot' at 175 stardollars . If you are a superstar and you have 375 on you and have money for accessories , this is a way you can ware the dress x Nicole .

my graphic and sorry

Hi ! , first sorry for not posting ,
and i have download photofiltere and i can made graphics :D
But i am not realy good i am a beginner to made graphics .

The model is: Desteney_kirby
it's a suprise for you Desteney_kirby ;)

xox hayleigh1998

Monday, 21 September 2009

ashy_loves_you 's banner x

ashy_loves_you Make's INCREDIBLE Banner's ! Just look at this relay fancy one below , with the Nice bow LE dress ! I just love this Graphic , do you ? Nicole x

LE Bag Non - Superstar x People who baught LE

Yes ! Their is a Bag for Non Superstar's in LE , It's very Nice but a bit Pricey . There is also a Chart on the front page of who Baught LE . So if you buy anything you might show up ! I didn't x what do you think ? Nicole .

nonss LE

Findurlove x

Heya Everyone ! How are you all ? I was Just browsing stardoll Suit's when I came across Findurlove , who has a Wonderful suit and made a Lovely LE outfit ! I love the way she has hear Earings , Make-up and clothes ! She Sure has a sweet eye like a Cat ! xox Nicole

LE !!!!!! OUT !!!

YEA ! The New LE is Out ! But , on the letter stardoll said it was comming out next week and didn't give us much time to save up ? Anayway these clothes are supa-lisios ! I wanted the Blue dresses and a Hand bag , but again I missed them like last time case I was a school ;[ x But anyway , what do you think ? x Nicole

Click to Enlarge

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Red Carpet x

What do you think ? xox Nicole

Friday, 18 September 2009



Chanel bag
Balmain dress
Louis Vuitton top, dress & shoes

Marc b Marc Jacobs dress, shoes & bow

Betsey Johnson dress & shoes

(Thanks )


Hey everyone ! * NEWS Just in ! * LE SPOLIERS ! I can't wait ! New LE comming soon ! The new LE look so so so so so Gorgeous ! - More Pages of LE , Their is two much for the one page x What do you thing ? Nicole xox

Christian Louboutin boots
Marc Jacobs
bags & accesories

ChloƩ blouse
Moschino dress
Marc Jacobs dresses