Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Elle Spoilers/Summer Spoilers

The Elle Collection is coming soon on stardoll!!!The clothes are colourful instead of the black trousers...!!

Summer Spoliers coming onm stardoll,too!!I absolutely love them instead of the two dresses which I think that will be in Fudge!!

iM In Florida !

Hi everyone ! Its just my hear to say that im In Florida okay , and I hope the blog will be okay while im away x Hope you are all having a nice Holiday ! xxo Nicole

Monday, 29 June 2009

Fallen Angel's Gothic Sale!

Today I recieved an email form Stardoll!It was about the saleat Fallen Angel's!Stardoll let us to spend more and more money for buying from the sales,for this reason I didn't buy anything from Fallen Angel's...
What do you think about email ads?

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Bye Bye , see you all in 2 weeks !

Hi everyone ! Its Nicole , Im just letitng you know im going on holiday now !Im Sure Vasia will do a lovely job posting in the blog x When im away I will be thinking of new Post's , Graphics , Compititions and much more ! see you all soon xox Nicole P.S - Sorry im on my dads pc so I couldent get my banner x

Vasia is here!

Hey readers!My name is Vasia and I am the new writer here as you already known!I adore fashion and stardoll and in this blog I will make many posts about them!I have a stardoll magazine,LipGloss Magazine,with my friend silvy!(lipglossmagsd.blogspot.com)I am also a writer in an other blog!I hope that you will like my posts!

My first post is about the new clothes at Starplaza,Red Carpet Style Clothes!Both of them are inspired by real brands....Stardoll hasn't made a sho with these clothes yet,I am wondering why..Anyway I absolutely love them do you? xox Vasia

Saturday, 27 June 2009

lots of money .... Its just Basics !

Hear I have half of the first page in basics and it cost;s 552 ! Imagine how much the hole shop would be ! It makes a nice picture , but well expansive ! xox Nicole

My Amazing Bathroom graphic !

Since I will be away for 2 weeks , I thought I would make a last graphic x I Just love it ! I wasent sure what to make , them because people don't relay have bathroom's , I thought I would make one x What do you think ? xo BUBBLE


Hi everyone ! I hope everyone is enjoying there holidays ! As you all now , im going on holiday for the 28th [ Tomoro x] to the 14 th of June ! So ,vasia28 will be updating our blog while im away ! When I come back , we will have more post's , and More Graphic's and maby a Magazine ! xox
We now have 29 followers !

Hear is your banner vasia28 , I will make you a better one when i come back our you can make one yourself x

Friday, 26 June 2009

Do you read my post's ?

Half , Of my Followers read my post , other would just flick buy for the pictures . so now I will try and have a poll for each post so I know people are looking x There is about 25 people on the blog followeing , The other's are Me , and someone elce who I wright a blog with and they dont realy count xo Thanks ,

Exciting New's !

First Of all , Its SUMMER ! YEA ! My school has finished up and I'm now I'm High School ! I hope everyone will have a fab holiday ! Second of all , we have now more that 200 Post's ! YEA !

And now, we have our first writer ! Her name is vasia28 , Im sure she will do a good job for the 2 week's im away , and there will be more post's when I come back x Thanks everyone ! xox

New Shop , Basics xoo

*NEW SHOP !* , There is a new shop in the starplazar ! Anyone can buy these clothes , There is NOTHING OVER 5 stardollars ! So you can use your ' Play and Earn ' 5 stardollars to buy somehting out of hear everyday ! xox Nicole

R.I.P , Michael Jackson x

Micheal Jackson , Died on the 25 th Of June . It's all over the new's and now stardoll. If you click on this on the first page on Start on stardoll , It will take you to a page about him and up the top there is a link and if you click it will take you to a Michael Jackson club , Rest In Peace , Nicole xox

Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Street Chic is in town ! With her Fab Hot Buy shoes Purple Gloves , White jeans and LE Sunglasses ! Hit the street ! xox

new Game !

There is now a new game on stardoll ! My High score is 1200 , pritty lame ! This game is quite fun and a very easy way to learn about the world ! Nicole xox

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Graphic's , New red shoes and Jewellery x

Lately , I have been making graphic's and posting them on the blog x This grpahic above , Is about the new Red Shoes and The new Pice of Jewellery that has just came out x The model , Is on a beach with her shoes , and a Dress [ The Pice Of Jewllery] in the cool air , what do you think ? x

New Vivienne Tam ! xx

The New Vivienne Tam is in ! I love the new collection , well better than the last ! I love them all , the nice Pink's,Purple's and Blacks relay go together ! I love the pink coat at 14 stardollars , I had to buy it x Sadly , so far there is only 1 room of Vivienne Tam x What do you think of the new collection ?

Aww , are you a baby ? x

Well , there just SO Cute ! xox {Sorry everyone , Im trying to find wrighters before I go on holday , I might not be back on after today but please keep asking people to follow x] I love the baby 's !There 14 stardollars each ! But for anyone , which is good x I love the accsesories , do you ? xo

Monday, 22 June 2009

There , is now a new feature where you can make your own swimming costumes ! When I went to star design today , I seen this well lots of clothes all togeater , so I put it on the sew machine and when it came out it was a swimmign costume ! It 's so cool ! Only 6 stardollars , and for anyone ! xox

Top Shop Dress , Stardoll Hot Buys dress x

This very same dress above , I tryed it on in Top Shop ! Its so cool , I wanted it but my mum said I couldent have it x I wish the stardoll version will come to stardoll ! xox

July Hot Buys are OUT ! x

The July Hot Buys are OUT !

The new July hot buys are out ! Below , I have the July hot buys , I have not been on yesterday so I wasent able to post when we came out . The glasses below , I just love them and there not on the July Hot Buys List , so maby I wont see them , or will I ? xx Nicole

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Designed By r1ma x

This very nice shoe top is designed buy r1ma x I love it ! I like how she done the Bow 's on the side of the shoe 's ! It sosos Cute ! Sorry everyone , I bought the last one on sale x
This Nice top , Inspired by Emillo Pucci has been transformed into stardoll by Ms.Brigitte x I love it ! xox Thanks stardolldesigner.blogspot.com for the Picture x

24 Followers ! xox

Hi everyone ! As I said , when we reach 40 followers , Ill have a Surprise For all of you ! Yesterday , we had 22 followers , Now we have 24 , 2 followers more x I hope more people join and follow , and then ill have more posts!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

What if we had our own shop ?

what if we could make our own brand ? Maby the best brand would go on the front of stardoll plazer , that would be so cool ! If you would like any my designs please tell me , I have furntiure and clothes , and lip print scarfs ! xox

New Playlist !

Hi everyone ! I have a new playlist , i have the same songs and new songs , if you have any more ideas just post them in the chat box thanks you xox

Friday, 19 June 2009

My swimming costume x

This is a costume I made ,
for the comp this is what I mean [for my club x]
you can make it with a programe or furniture , and use maby a costume as a template x

How to follow us x

1. - First , type blogspot into your URL Bar and this should come up . When you get this page click Create your blog now ....

2. - Then this page will coem up , fill in a password , your email and then type in this code and press continue ...

3. - Then this page will come up , name your blog title and then press continue ...

Then in your url bar type 44nicoel44.blgospot.com and you will come to this blog , then beside this post there is a follows button at the top ,press it and that is you following us !Nicole xox


Hi Everyone!Im going to have some comps going on !

First of all , we have 22 followers , not much for all the work I have put into this blog so please invite people to the blog and if we reach 40 we will all have a special surprise ! Second of all No comments , so in a week [up to satarday maby Thursday ] i will hold the most commenter's comp and the person with the most comments wins , surprise not telling the prise x

and well thats all we have for now , hope you can join in !x0x N

Can YOU see this righting ? xo

Pick Of the Day 19th Of June xo

This is a fabulous Pick of the day ! xo I love the way the costume is cut out and has the moon shapes to make a lovely pateran , This costume came from Fudge , its the cost of 8 stardollars , but sadly for superstars only x What do you think ? {click on the pic above to buy it x]

A lovely Bow Dress , More Shutter Shades!

Ms.Brigitte , Is now a well know designer x She makes lovely designs and Have made these shutter shade Pants ! These are lovely and come in all collars , I bought a Green and White pair since that's all that's left since everyone loves them! When she gets more in , you can visit her Starbazer and buy a pair x Another Thing that came to my attention was this beutiful Bow Dress! I love it and must have takes Hours to get the idea and create , I just have to say , BowTactic !- Nicole xox

Free Glasses x

Everyone probably knows this buy now but ill just post for the people who haven't x When you go to starplazer and press new or go to Splendid you can get these free glasses above ! Nicole xx

Thursday, 18 June 2009

New Hairstyles! xo

There are new hairstyle 's that have just came to stardoll! I think there quite cool and very nice for the summer , but what do you think ? Please comment x

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Michael Kors Stardoll Glasses x

Again we have Michael Kors on stardoll again x This time it is there glasses x These are very fashionable and look great on our medolls ! The collars Purple,Blue,Yelloe and the multi collar one's , I think they look quite cool x

Michael Kors On Stardoll

This is a very nice costume and shoes that are from Michael Kors , and Now in stardoll . I totaly love these shoes and costume that I total had to buy it ! There so nice for the beach , and good for the theme ! Nicole xox [Thanks cltreanor.blogspot.com for The Michael Kors Heading x]

New Super Star Doll xo

There is this new doll who has just came to stardoll called ' Colbie Caillat ' . She has lovely costumes and I wish all her clothes would come out ! If you wish to dress her up Press Hear

Pictures , I made.... x

Hi everyone ! I was bored so I thought I would make some pics , it took me a hour to make all of these lol , hope you like them and I have a littel sentence to !

This is just a picture about a girl who has it all , Camera 's , VIP Concerts and Lots of Money lol! She has F>>>A>>>M>>E !

This is about a group of people who have to throe stuff out to make a fire , there not so much rich than the girl up above and need to go searching for things

This is well , Just about summer ! It is hot and this girl is lying enjoying herself on her chair and watching the Dolphin and butterfly be there self in there beautiful world ! xox


Who Wore Shutter Shades Best ?


Hear we have a very stylish Costume ! I Just LOVE IT ! I love the way the pices are cut out and the littel bows , which make it so cute!It's only the cost of 8 stardolars , sorry its only for superstars x I find this littel costume lovely and Wish I could buy it and jump straight in the poll in my suit lol ! [If you click on the costume you can buy it for your medoll in the starplazer !]