Saturday, 18 July 2009


This is called Stardoll Heaven , Banner name if want to purchase !

Hi everyone ! As you can see I will start a banner making service ! Above , is my new banner which you can have one like to ! All you would have to do is add me as a friend then ill make you your banner , then ill post it on the blog but then you have to pay me then ill give you the banner without all the wrighting all over it !

This is called , In the Wild , if like to Purchase !

Also for the banners the COST 20 stardollars each , money or gifts !You can have 3 lines of writing on your banner , whatever you like ! CLOTHES can be make with furniture or clothes you can pick ! MORE BANNERS COMMING SOON !

1 comment:

  1. no thanks. i think i'll stick to making my own banners.
    i actually don't think people will pay that much for banners, when you can simply just ask the top graphic designers to make you one, and they will.