Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Moxie girl stuff

The latest stuff that has come is from Moxie girl The range is in starplaza.They are all for everyone and the price is not very expensive.Like the first one are bell bottom jeans for 3$.The stuff is all very colourful !You can also get its poster.US members have got it automatically but if you want it then just log in using a proxy site like myproxy.ca and type in http://www.stardoll.com/ and log in and hopefully you will get it


  1. How do you get to the moxie girls shop? I'm from UK but I can't get to it... Do you have to be from US?

  2. yes you have to be from US to go to the shop
    try going to myproxy (or any other proxy) and then in ur suite,click on the moxie poster
    it may lead u to the shop
    if not u have to try searching with the plaza search bar to get ur desired apperal