Sunday, 11 October 2009

My halloween story : The Cemetery x

Chapter 1 : The Cemetery .

It was a Cold , Dusty Halloween Night when two girl's called Nicole and Flipa were Out In the Cemetery . They allway's went to the Cemetery on Halloween , To Give themselves a Scare ! Nicole had dressed up as a Evil Which , and Flipa was a Evil Princess !In the Cemetery it was allway's dark with a Dim Light beside a door , which they wondered was inside ! They were standing by the Grave's when Nicole Said ' I wonder what is Behind that door ' , nudging Flipa .
' Maby a Scary Ghost , o
r ... or ehh some Bone's ! Said Flipa when it brought the two girl's to think relay hard . ' Why don't we go , and try to open the door ! ' said Flipa running over to the Window on the wall .'Nicole ran over and gave a hard tug at the door ' It wont Budge ! ' . 'Ohhhhhhh !' .
' AHH , what was that ! 'the two Screamed ! They Both Looked inside the Window , Looking to be surprised at anything , Then Suddenly ........ The Door Opened .

Chapter 2 : Inside the Door .

The Girl's walked inside when suddenly the door slammed Shut . it was pitch black , but in Nicole's small bag she had a Small Flash Light , so she took it out and switched it on . ' AHH ! ' said Nicole . ' What is it ? ' replied Flipa . ' Its a SPIDER ! ' ' It's all right it wont do any harm ' said flipa and walked over and picked the small spider up . This was a Strange spider , because it have Orange all over it . While Flipa was Look at the spider , Nicole wondered around and looking at this old and dusty room . There was a Table and a Chair with some Notes . She walked over and shined her Light Onto the Notes , they weren't very clear to read since they would have been writer a While ago . When flipa noticed her over at the table she went to join her . ' I wonder what these letter's say , They are blunt out ' said Nicole . ' it say's in the top right hand corner , it was writen in 1969 ! 30 Year's ago ! ' replyed Flipa . ' This room Look's like a Office , it might have been the owner's shed where all his thing's were kepped . Let's Look for clue's ' . The two girl's looked for clue's around the room.'This bookcase look's very suspisious . Let's look at these book's ......

Chapter 3 : Just Another .

They Lifted the book's , looking careful when suddenly by lifting one of the book's the bookcase moved and their revealed a Hidden Door . There was a Code Key on the door , so the could not enter . ' get put of her now before bad thing's happen ' said a Voice .
' what was that ? ' Said Nicole scared like a Leaf .
' Out NOW !!! ' Screamed the voice , the door beside the window Opened , the two girl's ran for their life . When they reached the outside the door Closed with a Bang , Leaving the two girl's standing beside the tree with fright And Horror . ' what do you think that was , I want to go home ' said Flipa ,
' me two ' said Nicole ' I think we have had enough Halloween fun for tonight ! ' .So the both girl's ran out of the cemetery and walked down the outside path , Just wondering what one earth it could have been , Was it to do with the Orange Spider ?..........

The End , Will more come soon ? x

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