Thursday, 19 November 2009


Hey Everyone ! Can you remember a couple of days ago I said in a post I would be thinking of comp's ? WELL I HAVE ONE ! Miss Sixty !

What You have to do -
Create a Outfit using clothes eg Dresses , Tops ect From Miss Sixty . Not Bags and Jewellery, you can use these items but you need a main pice of clothing . You can eather use your suit if ur a ss , or use the starplazer if you are not .

1. You MUST be a Follower of the blog.
2. Only Allowed one entry per person , can NOT enter will different Accounts !
3. No copying anyones entry .
4. Must post your Picture hear in comment or my guest book . [ can you Tinypic ]

Prize -
WILL win 30 Stardollars ! In eather gifts or Starbazer .

So Enjoy ! Below is a Example ! x

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