Saturday, 13 March 2010

New Writer

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Hello everyone.

I wanna say thanks to Nicole for choosing me as "Member of the Month".
Thank you again!xD
I`m very happy she gave me this opportunity to write here for a month :)

Well,there is nothing special on Stardoll right now;New doll (Mary Wollstonecraft),covergirl (arabella.95),couple new clothes in starplaza (I don`t like it),everyone`s broadcasting and offering some prizes (trying to be covergirls),ahh.
But,there is new Magazine out:

I think it`s great.It`s owned by my very good friend Lolita and Filipa.

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What do you think?Do you like it?



  1. Welcome to the team ! I love lipstick magazine, and also one of my best friends is the owner (filipa). I love your banner ! Where did u get it?

  2. Thanks!!:)

    I did that banner long time ago :D

  3. Welcome! I can't wait to see more of you!
    And I totally agree. Nothing new on Stardoll at the moment.
    What we REALLY need is a good award show!
    I agree, I'm not really a big fan of the clothes in the starplaza. Its not that they aren't cool or anything... they just really aren't my style.
    Thanks for writing I'll make sure to follow your posts!

  4. my friend Elleeae became covergirl without
    she was covergirl last week. ;D

  5. Welcome! =D
    Looking forward to see some cool posts.