Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Random news :)

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Hii everyone :)

I`m sorry I wasn`t posting in last few days :/
I was very busy with school,well I`m still am.You know,the last weeks of school,all this exams and test and everything.You probably don`t wanna listen about that,so...
Anyway,my life is great!!Ahahaahaha :D

I`ll just post about couple news.

Free Alice in Wonderland dress

If you`re from USA just click HERE and dress will be in your suite.
If you are not from USA,you have to use proxy like
In blank address bow copy and paste this:
Hit enter and log in.You`ll probably need to wait a little,but be patient.I know how hard that is.xD
Once the page is fully loaded,just close the window and go to Stardoll.The dress will be in your suite.

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I really like the dress.It`s interesting :)

Also,new Miss Sixty collection is out.Click HERE to go the starplaza.I like that collection,even the last one were better :/
I love the clutches and sandals.The prices are little too expensive,but,that`s the Stardoll ;P

What do you think?Which collection were better?Would you buy anything?



  1. I dont like the new collection :(
    Last one was WAAAYY better.

  2. The dress is ok but not extream