Saturday, 31 July 2010

Makeup Tutorial.

Hey everyone! I thought I would make a makeup tutorial for you all! There are 12 steps to this look, and it is quite summery I would say! So, lets get to it! :)

1. First, if you want add a bit of blusher to give your face a bit of colour! Then, add some light eye-shadow, and leave a bit black just before the eye brow.

2. Get a darker purple and place on top of the light purple, but not much!

3. Put light yellow eye-shadow in the corner of both eye. Only apply once.

4. Add darker yellow/orange to the side of the eye on top of the light yellow.

5. Now add some mascara.

6. Then add the longer last mascara, which extends them a little.

7. Now just above the eye add a little light blue eye-shadow, not all over the eyelid!

8. Next add some light pink lipstick!

9. Now add some luxe lipgloss to give that extra shine!

10. Then add some black eye-liner on the top of the eye.

11. Now add liquid eye-liner the the bottom half of the eye.

12. Add some white eye-liner now to make the bottom bit of the eye stand out.

And their you have it!
a nice summery look!
what do you think?
do you want more?
- Nicole x