Monday, 15 February 2010

Valentines Day LE!

Turns out that selected stardoll members got sent this message:

Yeah the dress is 175sd but omg! its gorgeous!
I think its tootallyy unfair that stardoll didnt send this offer to all members, i really wanted it!
Members who did get the message, like _anto_ and HoupIsOnFire tried to help others get the dress and helped quite a few people get it, but unfortunately, the offer is no longer available to ANYONE, so they cant get it for anyone anymore.
This dress is gonna earn some people a LOOOT of money, its sellable, so people will most likely get thousands of stardollars for it !
What do you think of this?
UPDATE : ASk servati ,, pink-jelly-bean to get you the dress, theyre completely safe, just ask them in gb to get it for you.. :) x

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