Sunday, 1 August 2010

Layers . . .

The layering look is in! And if you can get it right you be ban on trend!
First up we have this layered leg;

Too Create this too I have used 3 different layers!
Frozen leggings was my first layer- This added a bit of fun,
Then I used punk tights- These helped
too add detail too this look,
Too Complete it i then used
DIY Slashed pants.
This look gives us an example of different types of layers , working together too create a whole new look!

Next I've created a geek chic look, I love the whole Geek Chic look- But why stick too just black and white? You can still have contrasts without!
This blouse from KOHL'S, gives us a patten too make you stand out from the crowd, While the blue pieced knit dress Gives the look a whole new feeling!
Last But certainly not least we have a personal Favourite of mine, a hot buys tee with a Amy Claire Dress! I like too show originality with my outfits and this is a perfect way- The top underneath adds a bit of fun too the look- making it less formal!

So why not give it a go? Let you originality take lead today by using layers!


  1. Great first post! I love it! I tried the layered leg technique, and it does look really nice, with a pair of boots a top and jacket it lookes a really cute outfit! Thanks ;)

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  3. I love it. It's a good trick :D