Friday, 20 August 2010

Get that killah look on a non-superstar budget!

Hey guys (: Firstly I wanna apologize for not posting much lately, My laptop went into repair, and in a day of getting that back- So did my phone, So I’ve been running around sorting that out.

So looking in the starplaza- I have a love for the killah store! But the prices are high and all items are superstar! ):

So heres how too get that killah look on a non-superstar budget!

So here we have an Original killah outfit :

Draped Trousers- $24

Ankle sock boots-$16

Pastel Tube - $12

Boxy blazer-$20

(All items from killah)

Total- $72

And next we have a non super star look:

Boyfriend Jacket from stardoll- $4

White tube top from basics- $3

Everyday shorts from fudge-$5d

Ankle boots from Rio- $4

Total- $16

Although on the second outfit I have used sorts- The outfit is pretty similar, And your saving alot, I think the second look is great for the summer!

So give it a go- Get that Killah look on a non- Superstar budget!