Thursday, 9 April 2009

LaraFairy,knowen as 'The Scamer'

Yes the girl called LaraFairy is a scammer!Yes please dont trust her and she will denigh it but I have pictures!I am the Yellow she is the White,
I asked her 'are you going to sell them' and what she was going to sell me was the red maryjanes with crysatals and she said 'Yes' so then i said 'okay count from 1 to 3 then say go!when your going to sell them' then she said 'okay be one minutite I will send you some gifts' but then I said
'I dotn want gifts I want my shoes,are you going to sell them?shoes?
then she said 'I dotn want to sell, them what are you talking about? so then I went 'dont do this im about to cry now!I gave yoy my money and even borowed for my sister and I cant give her it back,Please I want them so bad!!'So then she kept going on 'but I dont want to sell them.sorry.I just need money to buy clothes....'
'don't cry littel will be allright' so then I said 'but I do 2!Thanks not fair!' then she went offline and took my 30 stardollars with her.I bought her dress and she never gave me my money back.So if you have a deal with her.DONT MAKE IT!!!

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  1. that person is so mean im gonna go give her a piece of my mind did u ever get the shoes back? xoxo bffl, Sedona