Friday, 10 April 2009

Fabulus Itams to make clothes!

Yes lots of people are using the furniture to make clothes!
I have some people hear!
First we have Asimini with her Penguins a piece of black wood and 2 Vases,This one is very easy if you put your mind to it like Asimini done!
Well Done!
Now we have fionamcgonigle with her curtain idea!It might be a bit tricky er but its still looks great!Well done!

They both have worked really hard and they are very talented designers 2!

hear are some of fionamcgonigle designs!
And you can buy them at fionamcgonigle starbazer!

hear are some of Asimin's designs!
and you can buy them at Asimin starbazer!

hope you liked it!