Sunday, 26 April 2009

Summer Trends 2

Hear I have the DKNY trousers.
But if you go along to DECADES....

You can find the simalar pair of trousers.
If you missed they DKNY trousers,
or were not arount to get them,
I would recomend you go to DECADES to get a pair!

hear I have the DKNY shoes and Bisou shoes.
The DKNY one's are 11 stardollars.
The Bisou one's ate only 5.
I would buy the Bisou ones because they save you 6 stardollars.
There for anyone and there very similar!

Hear I have a ELLE necklace and a Volie necklace.
The ELLE one is six stardollars and is for superstars.
The Volie one is only four stardollars and is for anyone.
I would buy the Volie one because its for anyone and saves you 2 stardollars,
and it lookes more real.

How to wear Bisou Fur's

How to wear this Bisou Fur is....
1.Go to Bisou and pick this yellow and orange fur jacket
2.stay in Bisou and go to the second floor,and pick up the Floral printed Top.
3.Still stay in Bisou and go to section 3 and pick up the Riannah big buckel belt
4.Now go to level two and pick up the String Loop Skirt.
5.Now finaly go to Pritty In Pink and pick up the hot buys shoes!

and thats how to wear that fur jacket for only 20 stardollars!

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