Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Best....Club...'s next compatition!

New Compatition!

As you may see from the picture you migh gess what the compatition is!Its a....

Senary Competition!

We are having one because we dont have much senarys and Me and ma.paz thought it would be a great idea for the club!

What is the Theme?-
Well i didnt realy deside on a Theme but maby add ma.paz into the senary!

What are the Prises?-
Well we will have First Seconf Third and Forth Place!The First Places senary will go on the homepage!ma.paz will do that,And they will get a gift from me and so will the rest!

When do we have to have them done for?-
Well i think you sould have them done for Satarday so i can look at them all and anounce the winners!

Well good luck everyone and hope you have lots of fun!
Love From,

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