Saturday, 28 March 2009


This girl called G0SlA was selling the DKNY Lip Print Scarf,60 stardollars and what do you now?Its gone!
I new the scarf wouldent have lasted one minuit!I could have bought it but I need to save my money....I have more DKNY!Just look down!

Everything hear if any superstars want any please contact me in my gestbook!

What am I not selling?
Well sadly I am Not going to sell my Sequin or my Lip Print Ruffel
Sorry!I got the L.P.R when i was on stardoll out the shop in 2007!

Everything hear I am Selling!
I will put more on when some are bought!The prices are high because a club says that is how you make money!
If you want them lower please tell me!

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