Sunday, 15 March 2009

White and Black to the Future Make Up

Do you wont a look like this?For the new White and Black To the Future theme?
Well you can follow my simple 7 steps that cost 29 stardollars!

Step 1-
1.Apply black or white hair die and then apply white ot black highlights.

Step 2-

2.Go to Sephora and then go to Kat Von D and pick up the Black Charcoal Eyeshadow and apply it 3 times so it is Black.{Sorry im not very good at applying it!}

Step 3-

3.Now add some Blusher to give it a better afect!

Step 4-

4.Now add the brown lipstick called Cream Burgur,It is very easy to apply!

Step 5-

5.Now add the black Eyeliner around the eye but dont make the point bit because it might look a bit silly so you need to take your time for that bit!

Step 6-

6.Then add the Pearl white eyeshadow to half of the eye,But that only costs 26 stardollars?We need one more step!

step 7-

7.Then go to Splendid and put on the big pair of fake eyelashes!

I hope you liked it i will have more make up steps soon!
Thanks for looking!

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  1. I hope you like my ideas!!
    I will make more soon!