Saturday, 28 March 2009


When I was on stardoll today this girl called 200208297> came to me MUST SEE DKNY SEQUIN! so I went and there it was a DKNY Sequin dress for only 9 stardollars!

I thought it would hae been gone but it wasent!I bought it!She saved me a fortune!

But then this girl called prinshan was wrighting in her gestbook saying 'hi u jus bought my pink sequin dress. plz could i have it back cous i was selling it to somebody, i am crieng my eyes out right now just plz give it back plz plz plz plz' And now she is comming to me asking for it back.It wasent me that bought it it was this other girl.I have fell in love whth it!She also wants it back for 1 stardollar!NOWATHOSAY!
What shal I do??

But she says she has got money and so I think she could maby fine another one like the girl who has wrote in her gestbook saying I can sell mine to you??

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