Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Flipa,The Blue Angle x

For The Competition I decided to do my best friend Flipa x
This is what she looks like before I done her makeover...

This is what she looks like after...
I decided to use Blue in this makeover since it is your favorite collar x
I used some pale pink lipstick ,then added dark blue tip to the with eye-liner and a spot of white
Then I put light blue on the eye and put a slightly darker one on the tip,
Then I put on some grey eyliner to make it stand out.
I canged the hair collar to a yellow brown and added a blue butterfly and some blue earings,

Thanks so much for making me come this far !
I loved every single activity I done!
I didn't want to do this to win the money,
I for got about it and just concatenated on what was most important,
I thought about me making the final and showing everyone I can do something!
And I DID!
Thanks so much!
you have made my life on stardoll much more easy'er now,
that I can show people when i have a chalange and put my mind to it I can do it!
I'm sorry the couple of times I was very late with the activity and that's why I have done this one early ,
I thank you for all your time and friendship ,It mean the world to have been brought this far,
and I just have to say,

You are a Blue Angle...x

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