Saturday, 2 May 2009

Dot is a new Make-Up shop in stardoll now.
Stardoll got rid of Sephora,Which has been the
make-up shop over 3 years now and brought in this new shop.
I was quite upset because that shop has always been
there since I have been on stardoll in 2007.
The prices of the Dot make up are dearer,The lip stick's
are 8-9 stardollars but the
Sephora one's were only 4-5 stardollars.

There were more selestions in the
Sephora shop,There were way more
lip stick's and different shade's of collars.There were more eye shadows
Sephora at only 2 stardollars but not in Dot they cost from 5 and up.

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