Thursday, 28 May 2009

Save more this summer x

You can now save more this summer x
I have made a littel saver for you xox
kisses,Nicole x

Hear in DECADES , I made a outfit for 26 stardollars !
This is a very nice outfit and I added a pair of shoes to go x
What can you save ?

Now hear in ELLE There is a sale,
you can but a variety of things and I made it cost 27 x
This is very nice and good for summer ,
What can you save ?

Now is Vivienne Tam I use'd the sale and made a outfit for ,
13 stardollars !
I used some tight's and well.
What can you save ??
Nicole xox

1 comment:

  1. no offense, but thats kinda copying bw654booky outfits ltd. wait, maybe not. well, bwoutfoutfits is of knockoffs, isnt it. never mind!