Tuesday, 29 December 2009

FOBrox has not been on for 6 months..how what!?!?

UPDATE:: FOBROX is the wrong name!! The first O is supposed to be a ZERO

I was just reading The Stardoll Insiders, and the TSI team found this very interesting mistake by Stardoll, of course, it was that FOBrox won the Stardoll Design Competition..and she has not been online for 6 months!! Wait 6 months, so wait the Competition has not even been going on for more than a month and 1-2 weeks. How could this be? What will Stardoll do next? My answer is below. Stardoll will do...NOTHING!! Haha well, that is what they usually do!

*Picture COPIED off The Stardoll Insiders. Credit goes to them!!*


44nicole44 's UPDATE ! -
She could have made the design , and Just not visited her suit in 6 month's ? Because I will have been on for a while , and it still says last seen 1 day ago ? Nicole x

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