Sunday, 6 December 2009

Shoe-a-Holic x

Hey everyone ! This blog was really Boring lately so I came up with something new ! The Poisoned Shoe ! I will try to post this everyday ! What I do Is I pick shoes and tell you about them , and also what do you think of my graphics's ? The One Below , is a Girl holding a shoe which is the Murder weapon to this murder [ thought I don't think anyone will get killed with a shoe x ] . ENJOY ! Nicole x

The High Healed Black Devil !
This shoe is very pretty ! The Black makes it ,
mysterious ! The strap around the leg makes it Comfortable !
These are great For Party's , and many more wonderful thing's !

The High Healed Red Angel !
This shoe is very pretty, to ! The Red straps,
around the foot make it quite nice and Comfortable !
These are great For Party's , Shoping , or just looking nice !

The High Healed Gold Light !
In every shoe something mush shine ! These are lovely for Christmas ,
Very Sparkely and New , a cross Between both of the shoes above !
I just love it , do you ?

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