Sunday, 27 December 2009

How was your Christmas??

How was your Christmas?? Mine was amazing! I mean I got so..many things! How many things did you get? Here is what I got..

3 flat irons, a wii fit, Aeropostale bag, 4 Aeropostale sweat shirts, 2 pairs of Aeropostale sweat pants, a football, wii resort, wii active, a new desk, a brush, paint set, paint holders, 150dollars, 100 dollars in Mall gift cards, a Victoria Secrets gift card, Fish bowl, fish trees, fish rocks, and of course FISH, Zingo, Twister, fudge, clothes, chocolate, skittles, bird making thingy, stuff in my stocking, a pair of skinny jeans, paper, chalk board thingy, and picture frame sticky things, and much more!!

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