Saturday, 5 December 2009

x I am the new writer x

Hiya! I am ..Wonderland.. I am your new writer for 44Nicole44's blog, althought I did write hear. Now to everyday I may not be able to post anything. I have homework (most of the time) or I have cheer-leading. So I wont always be online..but most of the time I weekends and stuff. Now today I am going to play a game with you. It is called my club FREEisME we played this game. Okay here is how to play...
1.) I think of a word (it has to be 5 LETTERS)
2.) You get 2 chances to guess the 5 letter word.
3.) I check the word.
4.) Then if you get it right you win!

ExAmPlE below...

Say I thought of a word with the letter H
And I guessed the word was
and someone checked it... if I got some of the letters right..they will be in caps.
HA_ _Y
Then someone else guesses and they guess HAPPY
and it was right the word was happy!


Now lets really start the game.... the letter is S

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