Sunday, 27 December 2009

Ugh! Stardoll problems! AGAIN!!

Xx I was just on Stardoll, and you'd think Stardoll would have changes after Christmas. You know for the New Year! Well guess what?! Frack No! They changed nothing; not even a single clothing line has been added!! I was pretty upset. I mean I buy Superstar codes every month or every other couple months, and what does Stardoll give us in return? A crappy club called Stardoll Royalty (ONLY FOR SUPERSTARS) and guess what you NOW have to be Superstar to even have it!! That gets me ticked off!! So if you have any Stardoll says "Just ask us!", "we will be happy to help." Oh yeah sure Stardoll! You helped me when I was stinkin' HACKED! Yeah i was hacked by DKNY_CLOTHES..that used to be my account untill that and 3 others accounts were stolen. I guess that's my own fault..because I put them all under the SAME email..and SAME password. Never DO THAT!! I made my mistake plenty of times. ((: Well have an awesome day! I will talk to you all later! xX
Xoxo ♥ ..Wonderland.. ♥

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